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Under these conditions which make for irascibility in a sound, normal man, this meeting was specially unwelcome to Chief Inspector Heat.
The day of the Lord has now come for the one He deliberately put in a glorious garden, with unbelievable freebies, only to fasten his greed and irascibility on the forbidden fruit.
That said, Wood recognizes that Adams was not a dour neo-Puritan: "his bleak view of human nature and his irascibility were leavened by his often facetious joking, his droll stories, and his sense of the absurdity of things." Wood notes Adams's humane sensibility seen, for example, in his talent for caricature.
Naismith's irascibility this winter's morning to the fresh snowfall, as though only a fervency of bile could shatter the ice that had rimed his mentor's heart in the night.
Indeed, Aristotle describes four: irascibility, being choleric, sulkiness, and bad temper.
His second wife Nadira Khannum Alvi denied his reputation of irascibility.
a tannery run by his father-in-law, Morton (David Darlow, reveling in the old man's irascibility).
Patient T.G., a woman of 70 years old from the rural area, is at her first admission to "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry Iasi, and comes to the hospital accompanied by her family, at the neurologist indication, for a symptomatology manifested by: negative hyperthymic mood, marked irritability, irascibility, reduced tolerance to minor frustrations, psycho-emotional lability, feelings of uselessness and despair, low self-esteem, diffuse anxiety, mixed insomnia, mnesic and prosexic disorders, interpretative ideation with mystical-religious theme in the patient's cultural context, volunteer laryngeal stridor, facial hemispasm, tremors of the extremities, paraparesis, various somatizations, marked difficulties in adapting, integrating and relating in the socio-familial environment.
My goal, one of them, is to sort through that, whereas Kath exists in that heightened state of ire and irascibility at all times.
rise to irascibility ([phrase omitted]) and violence, elements
(3) Fiometa, true to her name, incarnates flammable passion, irrationality, and irascibility against her true-opposite, Patientia (reason, equanimity and theological virtues).
The River City actress has perfected the irascibility of the role but she also displays a gentleness in places, bringing better light and shade to the character than Paul ever did.