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Quizas porque en un principio se cargaron las tintas contra el cantante y se le senalo como el responsable de la ruptura, por llevar una vida menos tranquila de lo que a Paula le gustaria, y siempre se ha mostrado mas tenso e irascible.
Un ejemplo sencillo: la secuencia narrativa donde se expone y describe el banquete de bodas del hombre que busca la Verdad con su irascible mujer, pero tambien ciertos pormenores en cuanto al contexto belico en que se desenvolvia Atenas en aquella epoca.
With the help of Hoppy the irascible Shetland pony Jake and Jeremy set up their own ice cream stand hoping to make a profit to buy new bikes, but when Uncle Sunny enlists the help of the school bullies to put the cart out of business, how will Jake and Jeremy outwit them?
* I appreciated the article in your March 16-29 issue on "Why I love Downton Abbey." I found myself smiling as I reflected on the contrast between the prickly, irascible character of Violet Crawley and the well-loved and respected British actress Maggie Smith.
Others may be less interested, although I enjoyed the scenes featuring David Carr, the raspy, irascible newsman who, during an interview about The Vice Guide to Liberia, bristles at Vice magazine co-founder Shane Smith's assertion that "the mainstream media ...
What's important is that you've won the respect and admiration of your peers." I replied, "It's hard for me to think of Sondheim et al as my peers." Arthur snapped back, "Well, you've got to, because they Are,791 confess I still don't think of those people as my peers--but I think often of Arthur as an irascible and enthusiastic mentor with a passion for good theatre wherever he found it.
She was something of a peace-maker and not only supported her step-son, the future Edward VI but helped to reconcile Mary and Elizabeth to their irascible father.
And, in a move that threatens to channel the spirit of Carry On films, they have enlisted a crew of enthusiastic amateur jockeys to pilot the notoriously irascible animals.
AUTHOR Colin Dexter, creator of Inspector Morse, will return to North Wales tonight to talk about his irascible detective.
Our focus is on the irascible faculty, the emotion of anger.
"Don is an irascible perfectionist," wrote Schultz.
As a posse of posh sycophants with silly names insisted we'd got it all wrong about former foreigner Prince foot-in-mouth Philip, Trevor McServile set a new world record for the number of times you can call an irascible old geezer "Sir" in one sentence.