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Perhaps we should think that a man who can respond so rashly and irascibly was no doubt not entirely guiltless in the events which led to his killing his father and marrying his mother; or perhaps that his treatment of Creon and Tiresias justifies in retrospect the gods' harsh treatment of him (see here A.
A man with controversial views, irascibly expressed, Winters was generally identified with the New Criticism in his close analysis of a literary work, but he differed from the other critics in his insistence on moral evaluation.
Mouthing verses from the Bible, the unfortunate heroine of this cautionary tale remains a selfish person, irascibly lashing out at sin and sinners, unable to purify her own guilty soul.
Neil Simon's superior comedy "Sunshine Boys" begins 40 years later in 1972 as we see a much older and irascibly stubborn Clark (David S.
The legendary actor was referring to Max Roby, the irascibly irresponsible patriarch of a family as broken down as he and his hometown are.
In this collection of 15-minute chunks made for the BBC, Salam Pax gives a cleverly worded and shot, irascibly nonpartisan overview of reality outside the Green Zone.
As he emphatically, even irascibly, reminds his reader, he
Even the official who had irascibly refused Akaky his aid is robbed of his coat.