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When I git fired," Annie said irascibly, "you'll do it
By way of buttressing his overarching themes, Bunting quotes liberally, dilates eclectically, fulminates irascibly, needles tartly, and most stimulating of all, riffs brilliantly:
Irascibly eccentric and unpredictable, Martin's character continues to defy description; in painter Jane Dickson's words, he was a "tall, gangly, Chinese cowboy, conspiratorial smile, roaring laugh, scraggly hair, sweaty face, big heart.
In Diary, volume 3, he says irascibly, "and please replace the word form with structuralism and you will see me at the center of today's French intellectual issues" (182).
The team certainly seem to be behaving like old men at present, irascibly suing C4 in the High Court over the rights to The Life of Brian.