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A P-Iris lens works together with software in the network camera to automatically provide the best iris position for optimal image quality in all lighting conditions.
All of 90 minutes long, Iris manages to chronicle Murdoch's mental deterioration with economy and a startling degree of humor: A medic, testing her alertness, asks Dench to name the prime minister; she replies, embarrassed, "Does it matter?
So, suppose your school wanted to use iris IDs to make sure only registered students enter the building.
In 1981, after reading many scientific reports describing the iris' great variation, Flom and San Francisco ophthalmologist Aran Safir proposed using the iris as the basis for a biometric.
GNPD IRIS will help turn the art of launching new products into a science by optimizing new product success rates through deeper trend understanding and analysis, including critical insights into the dynamics and diversity of a country.
Iris ID is taking over all business activities including all rights and obligations of existing business of the former LG Iris Technology Division.
But in general, new iris plants are created by digging up mature plants, trimming the leaves and roots and breaking apart the rhizomes - the tuberlike, horizontal stem under the soil - for replanting.
Womack, a 51-year-old Las Vegas resident, commissioned Wyland to create the painting in late 1998 for $128,000, half of which he paid as a deposit, according to lawyers for Iris and the gallery.
IRIS, a Los Angeles-based company, is the recognized leader in automated microscopic urinalysis with The Yellow IRIS in use in hospitals throughout the majority of U.
Today's agreement between IRIS Distribution and Groove Mobile is an important step for independent artists seeking to leverage the power of mobile music services.
The ATM then matches the picture of the iris with the one stored in the bank's database to confirm the customer's identity.