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These types of activities have greatly irked the people.
He also appeared irked by the differences in commission rates set by dealers.
The incident got him irked, prompting him to go to his car and get his service firearm.
Asked about his break with convention, Johnston explained that, although irked by an absence of pounds when it comes to prize-money, he is also now irked by an increase of pounds when it comes to his belly.
The source added: "He played it down in his usual professional manner - but you could still tell he was a bit irked by what she'd said."
Flagstone has proposed that the payment eventually get credited as construction rent once the project gets underway, a move that irked Miami City Commissioner Frank Carollo.
Bulgaria, which irked Belgrade in 2008 by recognising Kosovo as independent--leading Serbia to withdraw its ambassador from Sofi a for several months--spoke in support of Kosovo at a hearing on December 4 2009.
This is not the first time Western pop diva's have irked Egyptian conservatives.
Tamang's report, which said the Ishrat Jahan encounter was fake, had irked the Gujarat High Court.
Morales and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela have irked U.S.
Shazia, from Birmingham, was irked when an elderly man started snoring during her show at the Edinburgh Festival.
Examples - children who abandon articles of clothing on football pitches 'irk' their mothers; mothers are 'irked' at discovery of half-eaten jelly beans on car seats.'