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Beyonce, who will perform in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi on Thursday, has also irked conservatives in Malaysia, where she is due to perform in November.
The fact that it doesn't rumble irked me in the beginning, but I actually didn't miss it that much.
Most of all, boards hate the publicity that comes with a strike, for then they must explain to irked parents why their children are not in school.
Most inappropriate e-mail from a reader: "A tirade from a man I'd never met before who was irked that I wouldn't meet him for a performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway.
If I am particularly irked, I will add, "It would help if you didn't wait until the last minute to ask my help.
But the "chaos" of the current broadband market in Japan has irked NTT for some time.
He was criticizing Burger even before officially taking office in January, irked at Bulger's refusal to testify about his brother's alleged criminal ties, which are under FBI investigation.
General readers of this book may be irked to discover that it contains only the first tentative results from what is likely to be a rich vein of information yielding several volumes.
Capitalization irked him because, he said, it seemed to imply that reaching deep into the vast, interconnected ether was a brand-name experience.
Silverstein has irked some people who feel that his "moral obligation" argument to rebuild is too hasty.
What probably irked the management most was that I said that "I have been tolerant of all diverse groups to a great degree, helping to train and assist all other disadvantaged groups, no matter if they are affirmative action, gay rights, or feminists.
However, Barbaro would have been irked, as were all the humanists who treated ancient institutions (Petrarch, Biondo, Du Choul), by the idolatrous intent of classical poetry and by the medieval-like interpretation of the ancien t myths conveyed by Bartolomeo.