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13) See Veblen's "The Instinct of Workmanship and the Irksomeness of Labor" for another possible connection between Mildred Pierce and Veblen's early theories.
He retains the Alphabet's marginal usefulness (or marginal significance, to use his new terminology) of commodities produced by work effort function, but reintroduces a role for Jevons's irksomeness of work effort function into his model.
32) Catherine's first public ball is an unpleasant and unfamiliar ritual--"she was fired of being continually pressed against by people, the generality of whose faces possessed nothing to interest, and with all of whom she was so wholly unacquainted, that she could not relieve the irksomeness of imprisonment by the exchange of a syllable with any of her fellow captives" (21-22)--yet she is flattered when "in her own hearing, two gentlemen pronounced her to be a pretty girl" (24).
13), in his discussion of some of the determinants of labor supply as these relate to evidence drawn from experiments, concludes: "The employment and job-search choices of unemployed workers, so far as they have choices, do not seem to be governed simply, or even predominantly, by any simply trade between income and the irksomeness of labor.
This last complaint by Envy, of the irksomeness of hearing the praises of another's virtue, finds resonance in Emerson's 1833 Journal.