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When the mice were injected with 25 mg/mL iron dextran for 4 weeks, the calcein AM fluorescence intensity of BMMNC in the iron overload (Fe) group (MFI: 229, 774 [+ or -] 28,423) was lower than the control group (MFI: 496,300 [+ or -] 76,698; P<0.
Safety and efficacy of rapidly administered (one hour) one gram of low molecular weight iron dextran (INFeD) for the treatment of iron deficient anemia.
At present, there are many parenteral iron preparations available which include iron sucrose, ferric gluconate, low molecular weight iron dextran and the newest preparation ferumoxytol.
hypotension, dyspnea, flushing, and back pain), with iron dextran having the highest risk as compared to the other iron preparations (Fishbane & Shah, 2015; KDIGO Anemia Work Group.
In January 2013, Canadian product monographs were modified for iron dextran, iron sucrose and sodium ferric gluconate to include a 30 minute post-infusion monitoring period for each dose.
Only iron dextran, ferumoxytol (US only), isomaltoside, and carboxymaltose (the latter 2 Europe only) can be given as a TDI in 1 h or less.
Lipid peroxidation may also damage membranes in other cells, altering important elements such as increased LDL cholesterol (LDL-C), and decreased HDL--cholesterol (HDLC) [31,33] treated rabbits with iron dextran and did not find differences in plasma cholesterol between groups fed a high cholesterol and control diet.
Another Jehovah's Witness said Witnesses requested that hospitals treat them with protein hormone EPO, folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron dextran as an alternative to receiving blood, with some success.
Ciprofloxacin was purchased from Biopharmacy Company (Tehran, Iran) and iron dextran (Venofer) from Vinfor (International) Inc.
iron dextran complex (Imferon) and iron sorbitol citric acid complex (Jectofer) have been widely used.
The IL-DFP group was iron loaded with iron dextran (Ironol 100, P.