iron rule

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They wept over the miseries of the past and over the miseries yet to come under the iron rule of Wolf Larsen.
She had redeemed herself for all that she had lacked, rising up at last, true woman, superior to the iron rule of bourgeois convention.
Investment inflows into the region, according to Edillon, were not adversely affected by the placement of Mindanao under iron rule.
The enforcers of the two presidents' iron rule were/are lawyers who served as justice and defense ministers: Juan Ponce Enrile in the Philippines and Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe.
Moving to Russia, a new movie, Matilda: The Mystery of the Romanovs, about ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya, set in 1890, is challenging the iron rule of Russia's President Vladimir Putin even before it's released on October 25.
But, at the same time, they imposed an iron rule along with harsh exploitation of resources, which contributed to the stagnation of the indigenous societies.
Yet yesterday's events culminated in Clarke establishing his iron rule and Big Sam leaving the building jobless and "devastated" to have blown his dream job.
Everything was set up for Huddersfield legend Jordan Rhodes to prove the iron rule that a former favourite will become a nemesis and finally score his first Riverside goal.
He'll battle the elements, wild animals, and the Braggs' iron rule to save his mom, and nobody better get in his way
Set several years after the events of Just Cause 2, our hero has left the agency behind and is heading home to the Mediterranean island of Medici, to free the people from the iron rule of General Di Ravello.
Have improved significantly under the iron rule of new coach Michael Cheika and ripped the Rugby Championship away from New Zealand with a stunning success in Sydney to send out a chilling World Cup warning to main 'group of death' rivals Wales and England.
Therein comes my second point: Turkey's prospects, damaged for over three decades, now risk even further destruction, since Evren's legacy paves the way for Erdoy-an to cement an iron rule based on its tenets.