iron rule

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They wept over the miseries of the past and over the miseries yet to come under the iron rule of Wolf Larsen.
She had redeemed herself for all that she had lacked, rising up at last, true woman, superior to the iron rule of bourgeois convention.
Wary of any foreign influence that could weaken its 46 years of iron rule in Myanmar, the junta has insisted on managing the operation itself and kept most international disaster experts away.
That's the iron rule of getting through any horror-type situation, the conviction that everybody else might die, but at least you're going to live .
But I'm too experienced not to recognize that monogamy--as an iron rule rather than as a spontaneous, passionate commitment--is an enemy to love.
The deal these groups struck - the new-monied class underwrote artistry, thereby buying itself social position through "connoisseurship" - is mistaken by some for an iron rule of culture.
More than 40 years ago, Saul Alinsky, the father of community organizing, established the iron rule "Never do for others what they can do for themselves.
Suharto was forced out of office in 1998 after 32 years of iron rule.
Hoxha died in 1985 after 40 years of iron rule, but his malign influence lived on.
News & World Report, under the iron rule of conservative editor-publisher David Lawrence, was characterized by its easy-to-read economic reporting--complete with many charts and graphs that basically served the businessman who could not take the time to wade through The Wall Street Journal.
Her head shaved, and sequestered against her will in an austere hostel near the banks of the Ganges, irrepressible Chuyia sets about upending the iron rule of the ashram's grotesque matriarch Madhumati (Manorma).
But it should be an iron rule of journalism that when one does so, one not only provides the readers the qualifications of the source, (which Roy, in most cases, did) but gives the reason for the source's anonymity.