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Transfusion of neocytes concentrate/pooled neocytes to maintain haematocrit [greater than or equal to] 35% and haemoglobin level [greater than or equal to] 11 gm/dL by super-transfusion regimen along with effective chelating therapy leads beta-thalassemia major patients better quality of life expectancy than conventional packed red blood cells transfusion correcting anaemia, extending transfusion intervals, reducing required numbers of red blood cells transfusion, increasing survival of transfused neocytes in vivo, helping in normal growth and bone development by suppressing ineffective erythropoiesis, decreasing chances of transfusion related hazards, reducing plasma iron turnover, protect vital organs and related complications reducing iron overload.
This was demonstrated by a rise in arterial hematocrit, red cell volume, red cell volume per kilogram of body weight, shortened plasma iron clearance and, in some patients, increased iron turnover and utilization.
Transferrin saturation, plasma iron turnover, and transferrin uptake in normal humans.