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Craig Fennell, Future Programmes Director at BAE Systems Land (UK) explained: Ironclad has a unique set of capabilities for a UGV.
The two ironclads fired on each other for several hours, with little damage and few casualties, before they both retreated to safer waters.
No photographs of the ironclad have been confirmed.
In addition to the BBC studios in Cardiff Bay, facilities range from the 50,000 sq ft Dragon International Studios, used for productions such as Ironclad and Merlin, to converted industrial spaces.
Exclusively designed with TS1 technology, the Ironclad TouchScreen glove enables people who use touch-screen devices while working in both clean and dirty conditions to gain the maximum amount of conductivity available through the thumb, fingertips and the entire palm of the hand.
Thanks to Warner Bros entertainment, one lucky reader will win a copy of Ironclad on DVD anD a 32inch Sony internet enabled TV - so you can keep in touch with all your favourite websites via the telly.
The first two thirds of Ironclad are fast paced and the scenery is awe-inspiring, but I do think it is too long.
IRONCLAD (15) Verdict: WITH A cast including Brian Cox, Derek Jacobi and Paul Giamatti, this Magna Carter thriller was never going to be terrible - and it's not.
Ironclad has introduced the KONG[R] Super Dexterity (SD) glove, an expansion of the KONG line of technical performance gloves for the oil and gas industry.
announces August / September 2010 promotion on High Performance Tactical Gloves by Mechanix Wear and Ironclad Performance Wear.
On 5 August 2010, Cove Energy said that the results from the exploration drilling in the Ironclad well in the Rovuma basin are expected in two to four weeks, or somewhat behind the original plan due to adverse sea current conditions.