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Kessler rightly remarks that those most exposed to harmful environments harboring tuberculosis and cholera microorganisms, such as ironers and laundresses, were not educated or counseled on the importance of protecting themselves.
Other jobs in the top 10 are ironers and dog-walkers.
Given the explosive cocktail of tangled wires and power riffs, I'd only recommend this technique to the most adept and seasoned of ironers.
CLD markets commercial washer-extractors, tumbler dryers and ironers worldwide under the Ipso and Cissell brand names.
Carolyn, who works with three other ironers, added: 'We have the radio on and don't stop talking and laughing.
Today, that has changed to 70 percent piece ironers versus 30 percent batch ironers," Griffith said.
Sorters dealt with filth and possible infection; washers worked in hot, wet conditions which fostered pulmonary diseases, and manglers and ironers were exposed to accidents: bums and damaged limbs.
Even experienced ironers need about eight minutes to press a shirt, but with this device you just pull a freshly-washed shirt over the top of it and any wrinkles are smoothed out.
Extreme ironers have names like Steam, Starch, Crease, Sunbeam and Pressless
The leading manufacturer of washer/extractors, ironers and dryers ranging in size from 12 to 165 pounds, featuring state of the art microprocessors and variable speed drive systems.
Continental offers a full range of high-performance washer-extractors, drying tumblers, top-load washers, commercial dryers and flatwork ironers to meet the needs of any laundry operation.