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Ironmonger and Candyce Flynn played more than they had in any other game this season, with Flynn scoring four points and Ironmonger hitting her three-pointer.
Mr James, a master ironmonger and Mrs James, who had worked as an ironmonger's assistant before she was married, raised Mrs Bowen and her brother William in the house above the shop.
The inquest at Birmingham Coroner's Court heard Mr Ironmonger had been a heavy drinker who had scarring of the liver, which also contributed to his death.
She was always really strong on the teams she played for," Ironmonger said.
Lookalikes Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Capt Jack Sparrow; Felix Dennis, Paula Chapman, Helen Gatenby, Neil Wilson, Polly Wilson; Gill Taylor, Felix Dennis, Mary Summerfield, Clodagh Mallison; Christopher Ironmonger takes the auction; Liz and Max Reader, Yvonne and Alan Reader, Kath and Paul Turner; Kate Morrison, Capt Jack Sparrow, Gill Taylor
The court heard Ironmonger had been admitted to mental institutions 18 times in the last three years,but her condition had not improved.
Back in 2011, Coventry City Council installed three cameras on bus lanes at the Whittle Arch, Ironmonger Row and Tile Hill Lane.
The butcher, the baker, the grocer and the ironmonger - no candlestick-makers, sadly - must all get to grips with every aspect of Victorian commerce.
IRONMONGER David Morgan has certainly proved his mettle.
When an early session of summer school at the University of Oregon ended a few months ago, and the women's basketball team had several weeks before fall workouts began, both Nicole Canepa and Ellyce Ironmonger returned home.
About 1,500 voted online in favour of a new piece of art being commissioned for the pounds 4 million Ironmonger Square project.
A retired ironmonger burned to death while huddling by his fire to keep warm.