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He called on parents to closely monitor their children, by watching out for signs like prolonged sleep, hyperactivity or any irrational behaviour.
Then again, not everyone is as irritable and irrational as me first thing in the morning.
Secondly, the suggestion that the security of the examination could be compromised is also irrational as clearly an adjusted paper would only be kept by examination invigilators.
It would be irrational for Russia to use intercontinental ballistic missiles against the ISIL militant group, SMF Commander Col.
Bridger, a consultant to marketers, outlines different neuromarketing research tools, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to use them to understand consumers as they make decisions that seem irrational and non-conscious.
Relax Dan, there's still plenty of time for stupid irrational fears
He uses this word to describe irrational people, those who might say nonsensical things and make decisions or take actions not in their best interest, or who become hostile when you try to reason with them.
You can call a belief irrational if it doesn't follow classical rules of logic, but, as a few readers pointed out, the key issue is really whether that belief was evolutionarily advantageous.
But the bases of the decision need to be carefully analysed to understand how this irrational decision was arrived at.
Am I irrational for finding that advert a little bit anxiety-inducing?
Bernard evaluates reliability of irrational beliefs test as very desirable and confirms its validity.