irrational terror

See: panic
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After years of battling the irrational terror of catching a disease every time he touched a door handle, drank from a water bottle, or scraped his knee playing soccer, Nature editor David Adam earned the right to be annoyed when people called themselves "a little bit OCD.
The irrational terror of a two-year-old girl is perhaps, in some ways, more self-evident than the real fear haunting thousands of UK workers or in the imagination of those with a stake in our security.
Asked to interpret the results of the survey, psychologist Dr David Lewis, author of Life Unlimited: Peak Performancegripped by an epidemic of gerontophobia or an irrational terror of growing old.
The second is how can a man with so little insight into the irrational terror that grips parents when their child becomes ill, a terror which doesn't allow them to think straight, never mind get down to the doctor's surgery, have ever been allowed to practise medicine in the first place.