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Almost 70 years ago, the eminent Australian scholars George Paton and Geoffrey Sawer described the essence of the problem of collective irrationality in appellate decisions: 'where a party relies on two or more points, it is possible for him to obtain a majority judgment in his favour, although a majority of judges rules against each point taken separately'.
At this point Carrie abandoned Euclid's proof and instead described a different proof of the irrationality of [square root of 2] she had encountered in a previous number theory course which, when extended to [square root of n], examined the prime factorisation of n and, in particular, a prime divisor a of n so that the maximum power k for which [a.
The truth is that our surrender to irrationality has been in progress for a long time, and we witness today a breakdown of communication not only between nations and groups within nations but also between successive generations.
Since then, irrationality has become a growth industry, both for scholars such as Duke psychologist Dan Ariely and popular science writers including Jonah Lehrer, but few authors have thought as long or as deeply about the subject as Kahneman.
Additionally, those trying to exploit the irrationality of other professional investors are vulnerable to their own biases.
The obvious question is why, and it is unlikely to be answered-the irrationality of the act defies logical explanation.
Moreover, irrationality is inversely related to psychological adjustment as reflected by general subjective well being (e.
During the battle, irrationality conquered--producing a twisted theology and a pathological worldview that continues to this day.
Listening to the points that arose during Q&A and in the conversations that came up between presentations and during the lunches, there was a strong recurring theme that resonates with my background in communication and psychology: perhaps the greatest obstacle facing radon testing, radon mitigation, and radon-resistant new construction is human irrationality.
First, it denounces what another country does, then it copies that practice without any realization of the irrationality.
Caveman Logic: The Persistence of Primitive Thinking in a Modern World" is a discussion of this irrationality that seems to affect all of mankind.
Free Market Madness: Why Human Nature Is At Odds With Economics--And Why It Matters" is a look into a problem with the Free Market, namely, the irrationality of mankind.