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What links all of these understandings of early infantile impingements is the intensity and irreconcilability of trauma-produced affects (Fonagy, Gergely, Jurist & Target, 2004; Schore, 1997).
While Banks and Alexander leave open the possibility for what they describe as local and individualized (that is, non-programmatic) "queer guerrilla tactics" which WPAs may be in a position to support and encourage (97), and while Alexander and Rhodes leave open and attempt, yet again, to forge spaces for queer writing and writing instruction, I would actually like to stick much more stickily with the impossibility and irreconcilability these authors initially posit, and suggest that the potential irreconcilability between queer or queer theory and writing program administration need not trouble us overmuch; that perhaps reconciliation should trouble us more.
Hauptmann scholars tend to assume the irreconcilability of Naturalism and the mystical, dividing his oeuvre into an early, naturalistic phase and a later "new romantic" phase of irrationalism and mythological impulses, which is orten seen to begin with Die versunkene Glocke: Ein deutsches Marchendrama (1896).
The Sahgal-Amnesty International debacle is just one prominent recent instance of the impasse of seeming irreconcilability in which antiracism, feminism, and antiracist feminism find themselves in today.
However, they also quoted Richard Collins affirming "there is a fundamental irreconcilability between the commercial imperatives of profit-maximization and the achievement of national cultural and political goals.
Writing around the turn of the 20th century, these philosophers grappled with the seeming irreconcilability of scientific rationality and value claims of art, morality and religion, as well as the altruistic morality and the psychological ego.
To frame women's narratives through the risk/benefit dichotomy would suggest that their stories demonstrate bipolarity and irreconcilability.
Sec Santos and Van Cott (1976) for an explanation of the irreconcilability of consumer illusion analysis and inflation tax analysis.
property acquired by a spouse after a decree nisi of divorce; a declaration of nullity of marriage; a judgment of judicial separation; or a declaration of irreconcilability under the Family Law Act is made in respect of the spouses.
In any anti-doping code there will always be a degree of irreconcilability between the rights of athletes to compete freely and the rights of sport to regulate competition.
The bridging appears much more problematic with Rawls, however; it is enough just to mention the irreconcilability between Deleuze's emphasis on conceptual mobility and Rawls' obsession with principles (compare, for instance, the terrifying Body without Organs with the terror implied in the notion of the "well-ordered" society).
Authors such as Brian Ingraffia stress their irreconcilability, when affirming that "an either/or must be proclaimed to the present age: either biblical theology or postmodern theory" (Ingraffia 241), but Ferretter's CLT does not exclude a dialogic encounter between both.