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dissenting) ("A contract is patently ambiguous only if, after the court has engaged in its judicial duties of giving effect to the contract's language, the court concludes that a term 'is equally susceptible to more than a single meaning,' or that 'two provisions of the same contract irreconcilably conflict with each other.
If the thesis is correct that churches are irreconcilably disagreed on the fundamental meaning about the nature and purpose of the church, then the ecumenical enterprise as we know it is in serious trouble.
In these lines, we see that the same community that welcomes Christ will also witness his violent death; thus, the play ends in an extremely problematic and ambiguous narrative space where community is revealed as irreconcilably disparate.
He was a revolutionary of the left variety who was irreconcilably opposed to the exploitation and poverty caused by world capitalism.
At one extreme, truth has been identified with the good, whereas at the other, truth and the good have been kept apart as irreconcilably separate.
Thailand, which has seen 18 actual or attempted coups since it became a constitutional monarchy in 1932, has appeared irreconcilably polarised over Thaksin.
This pretense was played out at the G20, when the two presidents acted as though they were irreconcilably divided on the Syrian question, while secretly tying up the ends of the chemical accord.
Then, as the universe cooled and expanded, this primordial symmetry was spontaneously broken and the forces took on their present appearance of being irreconcilably different.
13) Penzberg's depiction of a milieu in which the workers' movement was deeply and irreconcilably divided was the least controversial of his categories; it built on the findings of a number of prominent earlier studies that sought to explain the KPD's militant intransigence towards social democracy and the state.
Internal to each tradition of thought, as it has been articulated by its most illustrious representatives, is a cluster of enduring ideas regarding reason, morality, and the character of a modern state that is irreconcilably at odds with that which composes the other.
the government, for being irreconcilably useless, I'd be sleeping
This is the case precisely because the current political directions of the CAW and the CEP are irreconcilably at odds, especially with respect to the New Democratic Party (NDP).