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The spiritual blindness of the time being what it is, those who live with the consciousness that something has irrecoverably left their lives when they awake each morning can find no solace in a rational discourse with those who do not experience this.
The current study gave another salutary lesson how the real lake reference conditions may be unexpected if the lake hydrology has been irrecoverably transformed by man in the past and indicated the role and importance of palaeolimnology in establishing the development of the lake.
Similarly, most of the Fv/Fm and PIABS for samara irrecoverably decreased after being exposed to -15oC for one hour.
The couple's lives changed irrecoverably in the 1984 IRA bombing of Brighton's Grand Hotel.
It does not steal data but irrecoverably deletes data.
Nevertheless, it will irrecoverably alter our view from Earth.
is shown as irrecoverably in the darkness, as separated and remote from the creative inspiration for which he longs.
If there is some falling-off in the tone through the last hundred pages or so, it would seem a natural consequence of the personal circumstances of aging royalists, combined with public events like the Dutch Wars, the Plague Year, and the Great Fire of London (456-67), the melancholy fates of many of the cavaliers, such as Denham, and the impossible task the survivors faced in attempting to piece together the world they had lost irrecoverably 30 January 1649.
The essence of being a witch, people believed, was that an ordinary woman was effectively raped by the devil and once that happened she had irrecoverably become a witch and a servant of Satan.
However, this decision needs to be reversed, before the reputation of our town is damaged irrecoverably.
Erdogan brought Gaza tragedy into agenda and said, "if humanity makes a fuss against hunting of seals but on the other hand considers killing of children with phosphor bombs as collateral damage in fight against terrorism to salve its conscience, then the sense of justice of all humanity is irrecoverably damaged.