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This value of irreducibility is also a foundational feature of psychological humanism (Davidson, 2000).
Westlund On the irreducibility of certain polynomials Amer.
v=OEAWrEsbQGs&list=PLWlFF7JCLmknnMNolYJVwe- rQS9An3Qt Collaboration and Co-orientation (0:00-3:29) Asymmetry, Self-Interest, and Listening (3:30-6:04) Ontologies in Social Science, Irreducibility, and Cultivation Strategies (6:05-7:38)
It just has this kind of computational irreducibility.
Anderson's irreducibility idea that "every branch of science has its own set of fundamental laws.
As shown in theorem (1), if irreducibility is assumed then [rho](A) is unique.
Contraindications to the use of this technique include: (1) diabetes mellitus, (2) systemic auto-immune diseases such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, or lupus, (3) primary arthritis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint, (4) HVA of greater than 30 degrees, (5) IMA of greater than 20 degrees, (6) DMAA greater than 10 degrees, (7) instability or arthritis of the 1st MC joint, and (8) irreducibility of the IMA.
The first chapter presents the nature of uncertainty: the differences in the emphasis within and across the disciplines, the discussions about the irreducibility of risk and uncertainty, and the several ways of structuring uncertainty and a deeper investigation of three topics: disease outbreaks, illicit drug use, and response to environmental problems.
In making his argument, he does not merely assert, but actively demonstrates, that what occupies the space between "historical context" and "literary text" is not "pure nothing" but a dynamic interchange involving invisible but real powers whose workings encompass multiple levels of existence, from the irreducibility of the minute particular to the building of nations and empires.
Intellectual history after the linguistic turn: the autonomy of meaning and the irreducibility of experience.
The 22 papers, include discussions of one-particle irreducibility with initial correlations, primitive elements in the Hopf algebra of free quasi-symmetric functions, Magnus expansions and beyond, not so non-renormalizable gravity, a combinatorial and field theory path to quantum gravity, and multi-scale analysis and non-commutative field theory.
The irreducibility of the moral level of existence to its physico-biological foundation is an essential ontic feature of the world" (88).