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1 (Tensor square conjecture) For every n [greater than or equal to] 3, n [not equal to] 4,9, there is a partition [mu] [perpdicular to] n, such that tensor square of the irreducible character [[chi].
Another challenge to the interpretation of life in Aristotle as an actualization of an irreducible potential derives from Aristotle's recognition of the phenomenon of spontaneous generation, a phenomenon thought to occur when a living being arises out of material constituents that happen to be disposed in an appropriate manner, even though no parent imparting form is present.
A bridge is irreducible if it cannot be written as the concatenation of two or more smaller bridges.
Given a finite group G, let Irr(G) be the set of its irreducible ordinary (finite-dimensional, complex) representations V.
Shareholders or transferees of their preferential subscription rights which, relative to the subscription on an irreducible basis, may not hold a sufficient number of existing shares or preferential subscription rights to obtain a whole number of New Shares, will be able to buy or sell the number of preferential subscription rights necessary to reach a multiple giving a whole number of New Shares.
The irreducible characters of G can be partitioned as A[union]B where A = {[phi] [member of] IrrG|Ker[phi] [contains] N} and B = {[phi] [member of] IrrG|Ker[phi] [?
6), from the assumption that A is irreducible, that
This critical, Enlightenment element is critical for both Derrida and Caputo, who do not celebrate or perpetuate specific, determinate mysteries or secrets, but attend to the irreducible secrecy of language and reason.
We do not shut down medical schools or charge drug research laboratories with fraud on the ground that the science of medicine commits the naturalistic fallacy--confusing the oughtness implied in a prescription with the irreducible is-ness of science.
The soap bubble and the spider's web are perfect examples of structures that are irreducible -- just exactly as strong as they need to be, impossible either to add to or subtract from.
The book theatricizes and allegorizes certain moments lived at the intersection of life and death, dream and reality, the rational and the strangely irreducible.
I am left regarding white people, before knowing them individually, with irreducible mistrust and dull dislike," he writes.