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2 in [JL] tells that any irreducible admissible infinite-dimensional representation of G is isomorphic to some irreducible principal series representation of G as ([g.
If the action of A on X is irreducible then the action of [A.
Let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] be the set of irreducible permutations of length n.
i f Compute the matrix of intersection multiplicities corresponding to the irreducible branches of .
Similarly, the number of monic irreducible polynomials of degree n over the finite field with q elements is
Irreducible lateral dislocation of the patella with rotation: a case report.
Note that the irreducible complemented ditopological space has not to be hyper-connected.
Let G denote any finite group and Irr(G) denote the set of distinct complex irreducible characters of G.
Por ejemplo, la sustitucion de la consonante sorda, africada /[TEXTO IRREDUCIBLE EN ASCII.
Problematically, propositionalism can neither account for desires irreducible to a state of affairs the desirer could seek to produce (like desires for a person or for God), nor for direct desires to engage in intrinsically valuable activities like friendship, conversation or philosophy.
1) If A has an irreducible representation of dimension n, then any A-convex function becomes n-matrix convex, that is [K.
The large, irreducible left groin cystic mass transilluminated.