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I certainly would not classify their system as anywhere near irreducibly complex (IC).
However, as Kenneth Miller, professor of biology at Brown University, has argued, Behe's irreducibly complex cycles could have resulted through a series of modifications to less complex sequences.
00--David Enoch's Taking Morality Seriously is a thorough and engaging argument in favor of Robust Realism--the position that there are "objective irreducibly normative truths.
In Wong's view, conflicting moral positions typically share irreducibly basic values but do not set the same priority among them, so that within a single morality there is a plurality of values that conflict to some extent and that coexist according to a hierarchical relation.
illustrates how both thinkers located power and love within dynamic patterns that are irreducibly relational and problematic.
Light remains irreducibly immaterial and possesses a fragility that provokes a troubling "existential feeling," an immediate contact with the Other, consciously sought by the artist just as if he were after a rigorous structural conception.
The historically oriented philosopher may find himself ill at ease with the proposed methodology, especially when it becomes evident that Barnwell's solution, which is an amalgamation of Scotistic and Suarezian ideas, seeks to combine elements of philosophical theories that are, at best, irreducibly distinct and, at worst, antagonistically incompatible.
The argument for incoherence is quite simple: the natural sciences are restricted to descriptive knowledge; morality is essentially and irreducibly normative; therefore ethics cannot be naturalized.
He rests, finally, on the irreducibly duplex character of God as both primordial chaos and emergent creativity, a position that process theologians and defenders of creatio ex nihilo will doubtless wish to debate.
It's not a feeling of ignorance at all, but a feeling that the mode in which intellectuality proceeds irreducibly into complex and powerful sensory forms .
Our commitments may be unconditional, but values are irreducibly pluralistic; no one value permanently overrides the others.
For example, there is no need to resort to its irreducibly subjective character or the nature of phenomenal concepts.