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The claims of Newfoundland upon the favourable and kind consideration of the parent state are, indeed, as we confidently believe, on many accounts stronger than those of any other of her colonies; and under the hope of fully supporting the large pretensions which we here advance on her behalf, we shall attempt to establish by clear demonstration, and irrefragable proof, the three following propositions:
But never mind, the public is already resigned to such irrefragable reality.
At this distance the presence of another person is irrefragable and may be often uncomfortable due to the predominance of sensuous perception.
Las libertades fundamentales ya no se conciben como un simple objeto de transaccion sino como un acervo irrefragable.
Careful seeking to understand the truth in dogmas, doctrines, and elemental meanings is an irrefragable task.
For Stein, it is impossible to understand the nature of the human soul apart from its irrefragable relationship with God, who is pure Spirit and the archetype and actuating pattern of all created spirits, including the type of spiritual being that is the human soul.
Iago is indeed a most learned and irrefragable doctor on the subject of love, which he defines to be "merely a lust of the blood, and a permission of the will.
Y en mi sentir no puede haber mas irrefragable argumento de cuan acepta es en sus divinos ojos que ver mancomunadas contra ella por emulas de su gloria tantas naciones del universo.
I dare say that an ingenious actuary might find upon irrefragable computation that in general loss of time, misprision of judges, consequent appeals, discouragement of suitors and the like, the annual loss to our country through bad pleadings equaled the cost of four new battleships, or complete refashioning of primary education.
However nostalgic it may be, it seems irrefragable that freeplay limits itself through its own play, that the very process of freeplay confirms some things and denies others.
2] A sentirlo en verdad fiel y piadosamente no solo induce la labor que tuvo de llamar al llanto y al lamento, a raparse y al cingulo del cilicio y a marcar el Tau sobre las frentes de los hombres gimientes y dolientes, signo de la cruz de la penitencia y del habito conformado a la misma cruz, [3] sino tambien lo confirman, como testimonio irrefragable de verdad, las marcas de semejanza con el Dios viviente, es decir, con Cristo crucificado, [4] las cuales fueron impresas en su mismo cuerpo no por virtud de la naturaleza o por ingenio del arte, sino que fueron puestas por el admirable poder del Espiritu de Dios vivo.
Besides, any supposition of jealousy would in itself incongruously cast at least a sliver or shadow of suspicion on the irrefragable and scatterless female oneness, transcribed here as the "decent" and "exemplary" wife--the "good lady" (294, 293, 292).