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Ce soutien international, qui a resonne dans les halls des Nations Unies, s'est, en effet, distingue par le caractere unanime de son adhesion a la souverainete irrefragable du Maroc sur l'ensemble du territoire national tout en saluant le developpement, le progres et la prosperite que connaissent les provinces du sud, dans le cadre d'une demarche eminemment citoyenne et democratique permettant aux populations de cette partie du Royaume de s'approprier leur destin et d'etre partie agissante dans la definition des orientations strategiques non seulement de leur region, mais egalement de celle de la patrie.
Even without that ban, private motorists would have gladly avoided Edsa and taken secondary routes were it not for the irrefragable fact that the so-called 'kings of the road' (jeepneys) have continued to be a menace by making terminals out of many parts of those roads at will, and without the MMDA making any serious and sustained effort to ease the flow of traffic in those parts.
que siempre he mirado por mezquino y miserable el arrendamiento que se paga en trigos y dinero gloriandome de haber visto prosperar a muchos pobres con la gracia de no haberles cobrado un solo centavo (...) el mismo Reynoso es un testimonio irrefragable de esta equidad con que he mirado generalmente a cuantos se me han sometido.
La realidad como temperie es algo irrefragable y unico, distinto de la realidad como aprehensible y distinto de la realidad como buena.
In response to a question about the launch at the same time of the "hunt for corruption" campaign led by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, and the amnesty law on administrative corruption, the President of the Republic pointed out that this law is a presidential initiative and only targets competent officials who had executed direct and irrefragable instructions of the State at the time.
Y en el aspecto funcional, contar con filosofias y regimenes educativos, juridicos y economicos bien integrados, dentro de los que el hombre, el hombre de cultura general y aptitudes tecnicas, el hombre consciente de su absoluta dignidad individual pero dotado a la vez de un alto sentido de servicio social y nacional, vea crecer las fuerzas materiales y aumentar la prosperidad y el bienestar de todos, dentro de un regimen de relaciones sociales que garantice, de manera irrefragable, la libertad, la libertad en el mas amplio y noble sentido del termino.
He reads in bifurcated maieutics in the literature of the age of Goethe, the concept of natality as it originates for Arendt in the inscrutable and irrefragable nature of divine creation and culminates in the hope for the public realm and the concept of worldliness that refers not to material or biological immanence but to the frailty of human affairs.
"Sin ella proponerselo la santa madre ha hecho algunos intentos de explicacion" de "la inhabitacion divina, que ella sentia con una certidumbre tan irrefragable como la inhabitacion comun a todos los seres creados".
Yet the law of population is 'an irrefragable truth', and these people are starved to death according to natural law; early marriages, large families, these are the premises; famine and disease, these are the conclusions.
The claims of Newfoundland upon the favourable and kind consideration of the parent state are, indeed, as we confidently believe, on many accounts stronger than those of any other of her colonies; and under the hope of fully supporting the large pretensions which we here advance on her behalf, we shall attempt to establish by clear demonstration, and irrefragable proof, the three following propositions:
At this distance the presence of another person is irrefragable and may be often uncomfortable due to the predominance of sensuous perception.