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Ordered human conduct is conceived as an inhered propensity according to the irrefragable African worldview or reality structure or asili or deep structure of culture (Azibo, 1992).
Yet, in Warren's irrefragable logic, the fact that the opponents had another vision seems to cast doubt on any attempt to rely on the Constitution.
Le nombre de troupes qui y prennent part est une preuve irrefragable de sa reussite.
Tout resultat de ces declarations reste correct, applicable et irrefragable.
50) In this case, the Federal Circuit held that the COFC was required to assume that the Government would carry out the corrective action in good faith, because "[g]overnment officials are presumed to act in good faith, and it requires well-nigh irrefragable proof to induce a court to abandon the presumption of good faith.
On the contrary, far from doing away with the law/commandments, theology and preaching used it to encourage self-despair over one's irrefragable fallenness in order to drive sinners to Christ.
Maitre Panet, pour le defendeur, soutient pour sa part, que les livres de comptes ne constituent qu'une presomption simple et non irrefragable (175).
Crediting Hegel's insight that there is intrinsic truth in what a constitution expresses as the truth, and recognizing in the visible alone a limit so obdurate and irrefragable as to bring freedom, equality, justice, and truth itself into utter disrepute as a standstill and backwater of historicism, he proffers a virtual constitution for which Heidegger's German language provides the model--a frame (Fassung) of being (Sein) whose sheer identity renders a constitution of being (Seinsverfassung) transparently present and ready-at-hand to welcome being simpliciter, however unseen.
A knighthood might be had For sixty pounds, but only nothing will buy off The irrefragable accusation of our lives.
one reaches the irrefragable conclusion that, in the end, chance is something that's rather hard to grasp, like an eel slipping through a child's fingers.
12) I insist on this irrefragable point not because my