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It also provides an auditable chain of custody, which helps ensure the irrefutability of all managed files, a critical factor in the event of litigation.
Narrating her reflection of self in her master's eyes, Hemings functions doubly as both subject and object, affirming the irrefutability of his vision--mirroring his vision--and her interpellation in it.
Contrary to the irrefutability of the scientific theory, Cercas seems to ask readers, writers, and critics if there can be such a solid affirmation of what constitutes literary fiction.
Announcing itself as the title of the book and then wending its way through the pages that follow, this theme, the very cote of Jaccottet's poetics, involves the relationship between "l'eclat" and "l'obscur," on the one hand--a merging of light and shadow, of the visible and the hidden, of the knowable and the enigmatic, of what is present and what is absent--and "l'evidence" and "le simple," on the other--a converging of the real and the elemental as they become irrefutability present in the life-giving and death-dealing reality of nature, in the evanescence of clouds, in the rhythm of the seasons, and in the comings and goings of lovers, friends, and family.
It is not as though the land itself in any way suggests that it naturally breaks down into cadastral units; once it is so compartmentalized, however, those maps take on an irrefutability, a reality, of their own.
Equally important are petites batteries, eloquence and precision of footwork, and the irrefutability of the fifth position.
Real-time message capture, to preserve authenticity and all inbound and outbound messages and irrefutability of the data in transactions including various systems the event of litigation.
Kafka, according to Heller, "is the least problematic of modern writers," whose "thinking is a reflex movement of his being and shares the irrefutability of all that is.
And the words, which by themselves remain at the level of generalisation, are given specific authenticity by the irrefutability of the photograph.
It has more the pithy irrefutability of Paul Jennings' "Man erith; woman morpeth":
Regardless of whether we believe that Prudence's explanations are more valid than Melibee's, Chaucer's modifications to his source bring special emphasis to the question of proper interpretation, and he suggests more forcefully than does Renaud that Prudence's powers of persuasion, rather than the irrefutability of her proofs, are what win Melibee over.
Although the power of Orientalist tropes lies precisely in their irrefutability by empirical evidence, it bears repeating that even historically, from the very genesis of the Chinese immigration exclusion, the perception of Chinese Americans as being either unable or unwilling to resort to law for their rights has been simply inaccurate.