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He was handed a sixand-a-half year jail sentence last September for possessing a firearm and drugs supply but detectives were not able to irrefutably show the 21-yearold was the gunman.
In addition, punctuation and connectives are dispensed with in order to give their speech a vehemence that conveys the deplorable hardships which the refugees have suffered and continue to suffer: "We lie on the cold stone floor, but this comes hot off the press, here it is irrefutably, irreconcilably, poured into this brochure like water that instantly runs down and out instantly, like water thrown from cliff to cliff, turned into water as well, sinking like statues, almost elegantly, with raised hands, no, no, from dam to dam, into the bottomless, into the micro power plant, down, down it goes for years, we vanish ..."
That they removed the article within hours of publishing it is proof that the decision was irrefutably wrong.
No-brainer (13%) - claiming that something is an irrefutably good idea; 6.
Few sportsmen are irrefutably the greatest in their chosen discipline.
Cuomo said Clinton inspired the scholarship during her presidential campaign with the "outrageously ambitious" "irrefutably smart" vision for college affordability.
Coyne irrefutably demonstrates the grave harm--to individuals and to our planet--in mistaking faith for fact in making the most important decisions about the world we live in.
Sartaj Aziz said: 'With Indian state sponsored terrorism and terror financing on Pakistani soil proven irrefutably, India has no moral ground to even talk about counter-terrorism efforts let alone do the finger pointing.
In a statement, the Health Ministry explained the methods used to conclude the wheat does in fact contain ochratoxin -- a cancerous substance, irrefutably toxic to the human body.
Throughout his career, he has manifested a strong interest in the field of design; a good part of his work has evolved around the alternative and often mordant readings of its modern and recent history that support the irrefutably post-Conceptual stance that has become his artistic signature.
But as levels of engagement have fallen abysmally low all over the world, the evidence is irrefutably clear that people today want and need much more in exchange for their dedicated efforts.
Written from and for the Pentecostal community, this brief and accessible volume does not claim to irrefutably dispute Dunn's position, but traces the history of scholarship, noting the chinks in Dunn's argument and providing a well-reasoned and supported alternative.