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In the last month, many Bulgarians took to the streets of our cities to clearly and irrefutably show their outrage from social hardships imposed on them, says the new caretaker Prime Minister, Marin Raykov.
Irrefutably the tour promises to bring fun, high energy and honesty that is always associated with a Mega Ran show; with some surprises, of course.
And they are now irrefutably a mainstream party challenging the Lib Dems for third place in British politics.
The likely result is that while some limited tax powers will be transferred, Welsh political and economic life will remain trapped in a state of perpetual adolescence The case for the transfer of tax powers presented in the Silk Commission is clear and irrefutably convincing.
At a distance, the effect is irrefutably kaleidoscopic.
However, it would appear those in power have conducted a risk assessment concluding the projected loss to the economy in tax revenue, totally unacceptable if these apparently irrefutably unhealthy substances were outlawed entirely.
Your use of live rats in fumigation tests irrefutably causes animals to suffer and should, therefore, be stopped without delay," Kharb writes in the letter.
At approximately 400,000 sq ft in area this garden, whose fountain; exotic flowering shrubs and trees; and gazebos, are presented to Sheikh Zayed Road will irrefutably enhance the reputation of Dubai as one of the most beautifully landscaped cities in the Middle East.
The LF leader said no improvement could be achieved unless the borders were irrefutably controlled.
Irrefutably, corruption has woven its way deeply into our governmental setups.
If it is irrefutably proven that the blood of innocent Muslims is spilled by the negligence of mujahideen then a penalty should be implemented in accordance with sharia," the statement added.
It was in that regard so successful that with the aid of Paul VI the center not only held firm and steady but, as the decades subsequent to the council have irrefutably demonstrated, emerged even stronger" (311).