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HEIR, IRREGULAR. In Louisiana, irregular heirs are those who are neither testamentary nor legal, and who have been established by law to take the succession. See Civ. Code of Lo. art. 874. When the deceased has left neither lawful descendants nor ascendants, nor collateral relations, the law calls to his inheritance either the surviving husband or wife, or his or her natural children, or the state. Id. art., 911. This is called an irregular succession.

IRREGULAR. That which is done contrary to the common rules of law; as, irregular process, which is that issued contrary to law and the common practice of the court. Vide Regular and. Irregular Process.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Information from the Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission shows that flow of irregular migrants entering the European Union (EU) reached unprecedented levels during 2015 and remained high in 2016.
The results showed that 0.5% (2,000) of the 4,00,000 participants received a notification for irregular heart rhythm.
Sok Phal, the secretary of state at the Ministry of Interior in charge of immigration, told The Post on Wednesday: 'We continue to withdraw irregular documents because the government deadline is 30 June 2019.
An amount of Rs0.54m was lost due misuse of the DTRE facility and another amount of Rs176.47m due to irregular import.
For instance, the EACC says it is are investigating the Mandera county government over allegations of irregular awards of contracts amounting to Sh1.8 million.
"This research does however suggest that immigration enforcement has (unintended) side-effects, such as increasing human suffering whilst giving rise to criminal practices and pushing irregular immigrants further underground."
However, the union members said the cancellation is proof that the company has no plans for the irregular workers and lacks the will to normalize the company.
The most frequent dermoscopic criteria for MIS were regression, atypical network, and irregular dots and/or globules (92.9, 85.5, and 50.2 percent, respectively).
Examining how irregular migration became a problem in Spain, this book explores Spanish immigration governance to understand security practices at the Mediterranean borders, the role of immigrants, and the relationship between precarious work and precarious immigration status.
The United States military has conducted irregular warfare since its incepdon.
Margin- Smooth margin was observed in 66.7% of benign lesions while ill-defined margin like irregular & spiculated constituted 70% and 25% respectively in malignancies with none of them showing smooth margin.
Irregular Choice is known for its embellished heels that look like swans and flamingos, sandals complete with carved red dragon heels and court shoes bearing unicorn figures on the toes.