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17) In patients 65 years or older, opportunistic screening by pulse palpation, followed by an ECG in those with an irregular pulse, is important to detect AF prior to the first stroke.
Yusra Al-Juhani, who is currently in intensive care at Yanbu General Hospital, is suffering from an irregular pulse.
Once at the doctor's office you may need an electrocardiogram or other testing to determine the cause of an irregular pulse.
A number of factors are known to affect the device's accuracy, including aortic valve pathology and irregular pulse (6,7).
Knowing your pulse is a simple and effective way to detect an irregular pulse which can be a sign of an abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) which, if left undetected, could lead to a stroke.
I WOULD like to commend the surgeons and staff of Liverpool''s Broadgreen Hospital for the excellent and timely intervention they performed to cure my debilitating heart problem known as Atrial Fibrillation or irregular pulse which I suffered for three years.
The charity has launched Know Your Pulse campaign urging people to check for an irregular pulse - a sign of an irregular heart rhythm.
While it is true that too much caffeine can have adverse effects on you, especially if you are prone to an irregular pulse, there is some good news about tea and coffee.
Emperor diagnosed with irregular pulse, to take rest
Doctors, she argues, understand love melancholy as a degrading as well as a potentially deadly disease that shows itself through an irregular pulse.