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Funcinpec had already virtually lapsed into irrelevance until it was given a second life through the dissolution of the Cambodia National Rescue Party.
For this short break adventure he was joined by actor and comedian Sally Phillips and, in his little tour guide bit at the start, he informed us drily: "Stockholm was founded in 1252 and promoted in 1634 to Sweden's capital, but it was frankly an irrelevance until the formation of Abba in 1972.
A testament to the irrelevance of his words, no doubt.
With respect, I've seen people in this position before talk about how much they want the job and it becomes an irrelevance if you don't prepare the team well.
Political parties must renew or consign themselves to irrelevance, and I think this is the danger now before the Labour Party" - Labour MP and former shadow minister Lisa Nandy.
A Wednesday side featuring 10 changes to the one which started Saturday's 3-2 victory over Fulham secured a famous 1-0 victory at St James' Park with the Magpies, who have publicly reversed their recent policy of dismissing the domestic cup competitions as an irrelevance, turning in another dreadful display.
When BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe asked the 53-year-old musician whether it was difficult to stay important to the public, he admitted that the band is on the verge of irrelevance, the Mirror reported.
We'll have to embrace change or risk irrelevance," said Joint Chiefs chairman Gen.
But he's a reason why the whole Honours system is such a creepy irrelevance, nowt but a selfrewarding Establishment pleased with itself.
I am relieved because today marks the return of the WTO from the darkness of multilateral irrelevance into the light of multilateral action and success," he said in a statement.
I know the days have gone when you could name teams from one to 11 while the occupants of the boardroom were an irrelevance to the fans.
There are those of us - the few who have any real interest in the irrelevance and colossal waste the creation of these posts entails - who would question the desirability of anyone who had served as a chief constable returning as the police commissioner supervising his former colleagues, but that is another matter.