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Unrelated or inapplicable to the matter in issue.

Irrelevant evidence has no tendency to prove or disprove any contested fact in a lawsuit.

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adj. not important, pertinent, or germane to the matter at hand or to any issue before the court. This is the most common objection raised by attorneys to questions asked or to answers given during testimony in a trial. The objection is made as soon as an alert attorney believes the opposition is going into matters which are not concerned with the facts or outside the issues of the lawsuit. It is often stated in the trio: "Irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent" to cover the bases. The judge must then rule on the relevancy of the question. If the question has been answered before the lawyer could say "objection," the judge may order that answer stricken from the record. Blotting it from a jury's memory or conscience, though, is impossible. (See: immaterial, incompetent, objection, evidence)

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Nothing underscores the left's irrelevance in the big picture of American politics more boldly than Pat Buchanan's strong showing in the Republican primaries, just as Louis Farrakhan's bounce from the Million Man March indicated the left's irrelevance in black politics.
Badin -- Sindh Taraqi Pasand party (STP) Badin staged protest demonstration and rally on Thursday ayagainst acute water shortage in the district and isusing of the CNICs to aliens of others provinces and irrelevance to declare Sindhi language as national language.
When we go there this week, what's happened in previous games is an irrelevance. We want to get two Super League points on the board and if we travel with the right attitude, I see no reason why we can't.
The FA Cup must evolve, rather than continue its gradual slide towards irrelevance.
CHELSEA 1 Ba (28) WEST BROM 0 PETR CECH is so focused on his job as a goalkeeper that the atmosphere is something of an irrelevance, but he was pleased the Chelsea support left content following the 1-0 defeat of West Brom.
The triple-jumper, who developed a fondness for melodrama in the run-up to the London Olympics and then failed to make the final, is even more of an irrelevance now than ever.
Quite why any of this happens is never explained and, as Lavant moves between successive strange realities and acts ever more oddly, the audience is treated like an irrelevance by director Leos Carax.
Whyte last night dismissed the fine, and public censure, as an "irrelevance" as the Scottish champions battle to sort their finances out after going into administration over an unpaid tax bill of pounds 9m accrued during Whyte's tenure.
We need to get it clear what the education system is required to do and concentrate on making sure it does just that and does not wander off into irrelevance.
Enough of the wives' appearance, it's an irrelevance. So they can put their opinions and their toes away.
APPARENTLY Monday (September 21) is some annual peace day, which you can tell is a tokenistic irrelevance when corporate sponsors such as Coke jump on board.
Homosexuality is inconsistent with most mainstream religious teaching THE guy is a complete irrelevance in all arenas of modern life.