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Other people find it just draining and often not rigorous enough (in the sense that if you had to discuss this with a group of your colleagues, the irrelevancies and minor points would not arise and the discussion might move faster to the core issues).
One can re-read an article and not be distracted by irrelevancies.
It could be argued that, in fact, his study prejudices the case for deontologism, for it is deontologism rather than consequentialism which holds that ethical language can stand as so many logical formalisms, dismissing desires and external goods as irrelevancies to ethics.
We will also be limiting the degree with which victims have to hear about irrelevancies from their past from being dragged up in court.
I really am flabbergasted that he could so point-blank say to us that nothing was blacked out except irrelevancies.
Well, I can say that in reading this, you will almost certainly find what you seek, and waste an hour or more looking at fascinating irrelevancies.
Innumerable irrelevancies distract the reader for no apparent purpose.
What's discussed are complete irrelevancies, like whether we can trust the governors to care for the poor.
This kit must always contain the tools or techniques that offer assistance in brainstorming, starting a discussion, dealing with deadlock, activating discussion, and coping with irrelevancies.
The examples, such as the group of women of color who staged a walkout from a women's studies course at the University of Michigan in 1991 because "only one-third" of the assignments were written by women of color, are familiar, but Gitlin gives such fundamental irrelevancies a personal twist and illuminating context.
The latter comment on the story, give alternate stories, and offer seeming irrelevancies.
It is a fount of mis-information, hyperbole and irrelevancies.