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As they brawl about Cuba, a geopolitical irrelevancy, neither seems presidential.
Whether he goes to prison or back into exile, his ultimate fate must be irrelevancy.
That they will not is due less to the merits of liberal theologies than to their current irrelevancy outside narrow academic and ecclesiastical circles.
The report itself is essentially a 2 page pdf file with very detailed and colourful graphics that highlight how slowly or quickly newspaper irrelevancy is expected to take place.
This guide comes at a crucial time, as technology has found a permanent and essential place in education, and "teacher librarians, as information and communication specialists, must lead change in their buildings or face irrelevancy.
Runs, then, were a virtual irrelevancy in terms of the game but Mushfiqur will have taken personal pride in a push for four off Steve Finn that brought him a second half-century of the match.
A further obstacle to rapprochement is "mutual irrelevancy," he says, meaning there is no imperative strategic need to forge closer links.
This irrelevancy is illustrated in the rest of the January/ February issue, highlighting Darwin and his late-in-life humanistic/atheistic stance, which is nowhere diminished by the fact that he was raised in a Christian home and even contemplated a future as a clergyman.
That just shows the irrelevancy of biofuels in contributing to high food prices and supply problems.
Both groups also view the irrelevancy factor surrounding the late primary states as a bad thing.
One can only imagine the boredom, not to mention irrelevancy, of reading 362 pages of this.