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Even though the odds of being rammed by a whale again were remote to the point of irrelevancy, there are plenty of other ways to sink a ship at sea.
People might rightly conclude that it is an irrelevancy at best, dirty campaigning at worst.
Whatever the subject, there is always an SIF lurking in the background with a pointless irrelevancy that nobody could possibly believe but themselves.
Interweaving stories from his childhood as a herdboy in Transkei; his education; and work as a professor, tax collector, assessor, prosecutor, and magistrate, Ndima offer insights into the relevancy and irrelevancy of principles and procedures of official Roman-Dutch law in the lives and sense of justice of indigenous peoples.
The evolution of that lawsuit--and its ultimate irrelevancy to cleaning up Bowen--provides a cautionary reminder that the old environmental playbook needs a rewrite.
This budget whistles past the national health care crisis as if the 45 million people without access to decent medical care were a statistical irrelevancy instead of a social meltdown.
Consequently, when MM's irrelevancy result holds, a firm may maximize its value by focusing exclusively on capital budgeting decisions, without worrying about capital structure.
The bottom line is that the Anglican Church of Canada is headed towards irrelevancy because it continues to lose members at an alarming rate.
His book is saved from historical irrelevancy by his chapter on how black activists forced the stars of Bonanza to cancel a live appearance in Jackson, angering many of the whites for years afterward (a historical precursor to the WLBT legal struggle that Mills omits).
At the end of the day the office of the CRO is an irrelevancy.
Luckily, however, the LAS recognizes its current irrelevancy.
The outstanding effort each and every one of you is making helps to ensure we do not face irrelevancy in the future.