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Unrelated or inapplicable to the matter in issue.

Irrelevant evidence has no tendency to prove or disprove any contested fact in a lawsuit.

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adj. not important, pertinent, or germane to the matter at hand or to any issue before the court. This is the most common objection raised by attorneys to questions asked or to answers given during testimony in a trial. The objection is made as soon as an alert attorney believes the opposition is going into matters which are not concerned with the facts or outside the issues of the lawsuit. It is often stated in the trio: "Irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent" to cover the bases. The judge must then rule on the relevancy of the question. If the question has been answered before the lawyer could say "objection," the judge may order that answer stricken from the record. Blotting it from a jury's memory or conscience, though, is impossible. (See: immaterial, incompetent, objection, evidence)

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(177) Scalia was arguing correctly as a textual matter (but from our viewpoint also irrelevantly and unoriginally) that those activities that substantially affect "interstate commerce" are not themselves interstate commerce, presumably because they are "intrastate." (178)
On the other hand, the surprising punchline ("Oh my God pregnant") that follows, at a glance irrelevantly, compels the receiver to fill in the information gaps to arrive at an understanding of the unexpected result.
had put on an Adidas, and, irrelevantly, I think of a Carmen Miranda
in a small number of threads, are more likely to post irrelevantly, and are
Workaholism is irrelevantly associated with real liking of one's work or with an authentic inclination to be instrumental in organizational objectives.
Staying side-on to the exit, I mumble irrelevantly at the handset.
And this time round it's going to be even more difficult to call because we now have six big dogs in the fight, rather than the usual two Rottweilers and a couple of Bichon Frises yapping around irrelevantly.
Mr Cessford reveals the paucity of his argument by ineffectively and irrelevantly intruding the issue of abuse.
Not irrelevantly, the British detectives only recently hauled up Gerry Adams, Northern Ireland's prominent political figure, on the suspicion of involvement in a woman's murder by the extremists of the now-defunct Irish Republican Army (IRA).
The unwillingness to make a long-term commitment to the new market or to adequately trust local leadership, combined with the propensity to rigidly replicate the products, business models, and operating systems that have worked at home drives many companies to a midway trap that results in India remaining an irrelevantly small contributor to global growth and profits.
When the sensor is installed irrelevantly, it may cause many quality problems.