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It is more important for us to emphasize, however, that irreligion is also bound to impair moral cognition itself.
The geographical distribution reflects the long history of irreligion in China over a long period of time, still outnumbering the growing numbers in the wealthier parts of the world, such as Europe and North America.
On the other hand, 'other forms of religion and irreligion' had failed (6).
Given his ever applauded irreligion, we might not want to declare Flavin's Icons the art-historical source of all this.
(195) But Leiter is using the idea in a more insidious way, to denote a state that is committed to secularism as a substantive position--that is, to what he calls "irreligion, in the form of atheism or otherwise." (196) The establishment of secularism would stand in the same relation to religious beliefs as his hypothetical Catholic establishment stands to Hinduism, atheism, and Republicanism.
They concentrate on personality, cognition, and emotion (personality and religiousness, religion and the self, religious cognition, religion and negative emotions as they relate to regulation, positive emotions and self-transcendence), social behavior, morality, and intergroup relations (personal and cognitive factors as they relate to social factors, religion and prejudice in intergroup relations, values as religiosity, religion and sexuality within family, religion and domestic political attitudes around the world, social aspects of religion and mental health), and age, gender and culture (religion and development, gender difference in religion, religion and the national culture, understanding religion and irreligion).
The Venetian Republic declared against irreligion and blasphemy, and condemned Protestantism in the 1560s, but the main agent of investigation was the ecclesiastical inquisition.
(10) Michael Hunter explains that while the word atheism was a widespread term of abuse, often applied to heterodox thought, licentious living, and rival sectarian beliefs, it also carried the additional meaning of "irreligion in the sense of a more or less extreme attack on orthodox Christianity from a cynical or Deistic viewpoint." (11)
These libraries were trammeled by forces besides poor funding: perceived as a threat to denominational education and an incentive to moral degeneration and irreligion, they became the targets of vigilance committees.
But irreligion is not enough to gain his approval: John Updike's "grueling homework" and Somerset Maugham's utter stylessness are severely criticized, with some justice.
Para de Vouglans, la suavidad de los castigos es una fuente de irreligion y de criminalidad.
Eighteenth-century Virginia no longer seems a place of spiritual apathy and irreligion. Scholars like J.