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Code of conduct to end irreligious war between Muslims was violated without practice of true Islam, but now with sectarian unity, all Muslims of different schools of thought can readily start using such unity as a golden opportunity for all true Islamic peoples and scholars.
By no means does this imply, however, any leaning towards the shallow and absurd view that all religions "teach essentially the same thing"; nor indeed the view that any kind of "religiousness" is necessarily better, or more consonant with the basic values of Civilization, than the irreligious attitude in its humanitarian form.
More Muslims considered contraception irreligious than non- Muslims (p 0.
It needs to discuss religion … It should not be irreligious, this new constitution, it should be a religious constitution," said Kahraman.
I am an upright woman and would never do such irreligious and immoral acts," the woman told the court.
This made him, for many readersand especially many American Jews, who shared with this Italian Jew an assimilated and irreligious upbringingone of the heroic spirits of the 20th century.
She called for investing in the Arabic language to promote dialogue that is built on tolerance and respect and to challenge irreligious extremists who are using the internet to narrate their own ideology of violence and hatred.
People would say, 'You elected a man from an irreligious party [the CHP]'.
The third-largest group related to religion are the approximately 1 billion 'unbelievers' or irreligious people.
If someone imposes our people to wear Islamic dress, the time might come when everyone who wears Kyrgyz national clothes or comfortable casual clothing will be called irreligious.
The idea of absolute freedom stems from irreligious mindset in the garb of liberalism.
No amount of effort in the costume and make-up department of the nursery - armed with face paints and several tea towels - could rescue a rather irreligious scene as he, by turns, nodded off and barked hoarsely during the miracle birth and its wondrous aftermath.