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In addition, as we can predict from the previous section, the apparent irreligiousness of the applied policies would generate a surprising religious vitality.
Coleridge sees the novel's aesthetic error of implicitly revolutionary irreligiousness compounded by the 'shameless harlotry' of Matilda, The Monk's primary villainess, and 'the most voluptuous images' (188).
The American Albert Brisbane, who studied in Europe and worked with Fourier before his death in 1837, transmogrified the French philosopher's ideas into an American version that de-emphasized Fourierian irreligiousness and sexual openness, heightening instead Fourierian elements that appealed to "economic and social value.
This Great God appears at midnight, the time of greatest darkness - which symbolizes the darkness of ignorance, injustice, irreligiousness, chaos and violence.
The liberal movement led by Mohammad Mossadeq in the 1950s was brought down by its own irrational flailing, but also by the mullahs, who feared Mossadeq's irreligiousness and so joined with the British and Americans in Operation AJAX, the coup that restored full powers to the last shah.
One striking feature of advertising as well as of the surrounding prime-time and afternoon shows is their irreligiousness, their worldliness, their lack of any sense of eternal life.