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This paper argues that Mill's argument concerns the epistemic position one assumes with regard to future persons and circumstances as a result of attempting to settle some matter irremediably, and thus sets an important authority-limiting constraint on social authority and individuals in matters that otherwise would fall under their rightful control.
According to Caribbean theorists, the lives and history of West Indian people are irremediably linked to a tormented landscape which reflects natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, or more commonly hurricanes.
In sum, consciousness is a genuine feature of the world and thus a full scientific understanding of the world requires a scientific understanding of consciousness, but a scientific understanding of consciousness requires introspection and introspection is unreliable, perhaps irremediably so.
What I mean is this: hard work can be irremediably dull.
And it is irremediably within the context of the state, the workplace, and the family that film representations of masculine identities are considered by the authors represented in this issue.
The way to liberate El Qods requires irremediably national and Arab unity as well as the fulfilment of development in the economic, scientific and social fields, he reckoned, urging Tunisian youths to preserve national and Maghreb unity.
According to Hugues Laroche, this great crisis irremediably separated pre- and post-revolutionary times, causing a "traumatisme du sevrage" that deeply affected Barbey's historical and critical conscience.
My undergraduate students understand passion as irremediably tied to sex and intimate relations, and they regard It as irrational, disruptive and profoundly unpolitical.
The very notion of Conquest exemplifies this fact, as the Conquest changed Europe irremediably (as did the collapse of the imperial government of the Conquest), and Conquest not only changed irremediably the peoples who experienced the Conquest, but shaped the societies subsequently forged from it.
A distinctive trait of her writing, in comparison with Lewis's, is said to be the creation of picturesque romance or suspense romance (36-37)--a genre pivoting on highly-suggestive representations of landscapes imbued with a 'spirit of place' that is neither felt to be malign nor irremediably threatening.
We have irremediably forgotten the reason why cows were able to remember better than any other animal what were once the sun and the water, women and children, fruits and vegetables.
As someone who hears the sardonic tones of Nell McCafferty's inimitable "Goodnight Sisters" in Ni Dhomhnaill's title, however, Nic Dhiarmada's fine analysis reinforces for me how readings of a given text's intertextuality are irremediably partial.