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The richness of the fare that memory has to digest could have rendered the book so disjunctive that it would have become irremediably fractured, as the family's history threatens to, but Espinet manages to suggest both the pain and the complexity of the tri-cultural histories she is investigating as well as the successes that writing it down can achieve.
26) Spiera's recitation of the Lord's Prayer, which he tries to speak sincerely but can only utter without devotion, highlights the danger that the theatrical self may become irremediably inauthentic.
Austen's fourth novel is an exercise in the successful refashioning and self-fashioning of the ill-educated but intelligent Fanny Price into a well-mannered but morally sound heroine, just as Emma's Pygmalion-like activities with Harriet Smith would be an exploration of what happens when such experiments go disastrously, if not irremediably, wrong.
In fact, on the question of dynastic loyalties the Mascarenhas family was irremediably split.
Most apposite for this paper, he did not define the Jews, as Hitler and other anti-Semites did, as fundamentally anti-spiritual, as irremediably materialistic.
For while a conventional Creole writer, emerging from the transcultural, postcolonial Caribbean basin, salves the wounds of slavery by celebrating the irrefutable metissage encircling and emanating from the plantation, Faulkner turns away because the epic voice that he generates is irremediably caught between traditions.
And it supposes that the act of imposition itself, with whatever violence and disruption it brings, will not irremediably corrupt what follows.
Aside from a common desire for "earthly peace" (14) or the "tranquility of order," (15) the members of the two cities are irremediably at odds in their respective evaluations of the goods of existence.
His looking-glass view of the world has been irremediably distorted by his academic background, which has focussed on the existence of market failures.
We can't deny that the world has irremediably changed after Auschwitz, Andy Warhol, MTV, and AIDS, but can we at least regain a scale of aesthetic values?
Nevertheless, these brief portraits of gay male egoists eventually amount to a small epic of neurotic behavior that may be endemic to pleasure meccas like San Francisco, but also remind us of how much shit gay men everywhere put up with, and how irremediably selfish the search for sex is: "He chain-smoked cigarettes and dope, wheezed, coughed up muc ous constantly, and mouthed a pocket handkerchief la Camille, but oh that sexy, hoarse voice: Now look here, handsome, do you want to be with me tonight, or what?
A number of ophthalmologists agreed that another pregnancy could irremediably damage her eyesight, but they refused to write a letter to that effect.