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Though these two are irremovable parts of the subject reflecting, they are both "objects" of his reflection.
The judges became irremovable and formally independent.
The Third Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1884, at the insistence of the Holy See, gave to the priests who were a bishop's consultors, and to the irremovable rectors of churches in a diocese, the right to draw up and send their own terna, with the stipulation that the bishops could reject a name from that list if they had canonical reasons for doing so.
Values, says Thagard, are inextricable from science because they are irremovable from the minds of scientists.
We realize that some undecidability hangs permanently on her shoulders, when Majaj depicts an irremovable rift in her identity.
As part of this attempt Gadamer exposes first of all the original truth of art, history and language, in which the man acquires experience of his irremovable finitude, that can not be retrieved by any method of quantifying and can not be imposed by generally applicable, universally verifiable and in that sense objective evidence.
Though ethnocentrism may be a bit like original sin in that it is inborn and to some extent irremovable, this fact does not condemn us to a moral fatalism or determinism.
In some conditions, irremovable dried mucous plaques were removed by the bronchoscopic grasper.
It is also worth considering that the Machinery Directive states: "Each length of lifting chain, rope or webbing not forming part of an assembly must bear a mark or, where this is not possible, a plate or irremovable ring bearing the name and address of the manufacturer or his authorised representative and the identifying reference of the relevant certificate.
Borhamy admitted that making the Grand Imam irremovable from office, was of course unacceptable, but remedies would be found in the future, by passing a law through parliament that would put a retirement age for the job and thus get rid of the current Grand Imam.
He states further that "the system is not built through strict and definitive contours, especially because the dogma of completeness doesn't resist the observation that the contradictions and gaps follow the rules, in the guise of irremovable shadows" (FREITAS, 2004 p.