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Consider the case of tariff reform where quotas are irremovable.
Henrich's defense of modernity begins and ends with Kant," and not only (in his view) do the "unsolved problems in Kant's system" not call "for a wholly new basis for philosophy," but "as unresolved" they are of intrinsic "metaphysical significance," indicating that the "human species is beset with irremovable ambivalence, that it can never be fully `at home' in the world" (pp.
Why not make it easier for all of us and put an irremovable brand-mark on the centre of their foreheads?
Routine citizenship, its rites and practices, was enough, and yet not enough, for the cross was irremovable from their forehead, even if visible to God alone, a guarantee perhaps of eternal wellbeing, a curse if the baptized failed to meet expectations.
No cheating though, places such as the Jail are irremovable, so there's no avoiding that one.
How is it that Paraguay, which allegedly is a democratic country, is in fact in the grip of an irremovable corrupt gang?
To protect against vandalism and theft, the solar module is integrated with the unit's upper housing and is irremovable.
Bhabha, 'On the Irremovable Strangeness of Being Different', PMLA, 113 (1998), 34-39 (p.
Professional activity has become so knowledge intensive and fluid in content that learning has become an integral and irremovable part of adult work activities.
David Hockney is outspoken, privileged by his irremovable status, in his distaste for an officialdom of art.
She graphically describes troops moving up to the line and, later, into suicidal attacks, weighed down not' only by over 60 pounds of equipment, tools and supplies, but also 20 or more pounds of cloying, irremovable mud.
The catch is that while you're online with NetZero, there's an irremovable ad covering part of your screen.