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And purchasing equipment means law offices have the additional worry of ongoing maintenance, and what to do with the equipment if and when it becomes irrepairable or obsolete.
Tenders are invited for Removal of ladder damaged to irrepairable extent and making and fitting of new ladder to machine ekg rope shovel 10 cu.
Dr Muhammad Ansar Khan, a GP in Erdington, who lives in Handsworth Wood, laid flowers for the family and said: "The deaths are an irrepairable loss.
Rob Dawson sees his job as a vocation, but fears a shortage of doctors is doing irrepairable damage to a struggling health service.
Liam, from Great Barr, suffered irrepairable damage to nerves in his right arm when his shoulder got stuck during birth at Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield, in March 1989.
And he's got the knack of ensuring it becomes an irrepairable chasm.
But the delays led to Mark, now aged 20, suffering irrepairable brain damage that affects his short term memory, meaning he can never work or live alone without help.