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The employee may essentially dig herself deeper into the hole she has created by engaging in dishonest and deceitful conduct which will further erode any remaining trust and demonstrate that the relationship has been irreparably harmed.
In every parent's nightmare, their teenagers are irreparably damaged by use of the same recreational drugs that they used so harmlessly in their own misspent youth.
Legalizing physician-assist-ed suicide would irreparably damage the doctor-patient relationship .
Keane's feverish monologuing--he effectively narrates the film's backstory in the first few minutes--is his method of restoring a coherent shape to an irreparably messy life.
Lyon chairman Jean-Michel Aulas claims negotiations have broken down irreparably with Chelsea over the possible sale of Michael Essien.
Those latecomers traditionally receive only supportive care for their hearts, which are presumed to have been irreparably damaged.
In a sentence, what you did damaged her irreparably.
The court noted that the public interest would be served by the grant of an injunction and that the prisoner would be irreparably harmed in the absence of an injunction.
These include where a doctor certifies that continuing the pregnancy would endanger the life or constitute a serious threat to the physical or mental health of the woman, where there is serious risk that the child will suffer from physical or mental defect of such a nature that the child will be irreparably seriously handicapped and where the pregnancy has resulted from rape, incest or sexual intercourse with a female idiot or imbecile [sic].
Bad luck hit the Vipers even before the match started when one of Robin Delacour's skates was irreparably damaged during the warm up.
The Reverend Stephen Van Kuiken said his career as a minister was irreparably damaged when he was kicked out of the Presbyterian Church (USA) last June for marrying same-sex couples.