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It's only after all relevant factors have been considered that an employer, or a court, can determine whether the relationship has been irreparably harmed by the misconduct.
Not Nifong, whose reputation as a prosecutor has been irreparably damaged.
A Lichfield Council spokesman said the unauthorised work had left the Sycamore tree irreparably damaged.
Apparently, novels caused a "bloated imagination") Psychiatrist Fredric Wertham convinced 1950s parents that violent comic books were irreparably corrupting America's simpletons and fourth-graders.
This is really good work by the Ogmore Vale Community Policing Team and goes to show how seriously we take the threat of drugs, which can irreparably damage communities.
In every parent's nightmare, their teenagers are irreparably damaged by use of the same recreational drugs that they used so harmlessly in their own misspent youth.
Legalizing physician-assist-ed suicide would irreparably damage the doctor-patient relationship .
Keane's feverish monologuing--he effectively narrates the film's backstory in the first few minutes--is his method of restoring a coherent shape to an irreparably messy life.
LYON chairman Jean-Michel Aulas claims negotiations have broken down irreparably with Chelsea over the possible sale of Michael Essien.
Those latecomers traditionally receive only supportive care for their hearts, which are presumed to have been irreparably damaged.
In a sentence, what you did damaged her irreparably.