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In such gaps, we are invoked or convoked to a response-ability that constitutes irreplaceability.
H1: Higher the irreplaceability of the job, higher is the SP reported by the incumbent.
Using the delineation of Protected Areas in Africa, we have identified and ranked PAs based on their habitat similarity, and we have created an indicator of the habitat irreplaceability (HI) of the PA (Hartley et al.
Derrida continues to distinguish "forms that are not yet those of the subject or the project" from "the subject [that] assumes presence, that is to say sub-stance, stasis, stance," (20) and "a singularity, an irreplaceability of that which remains nonsubstitutable" from "Jemeinigkeit .
As contingent, conditional and vulnerable as existence may be, Heidegger claims and prizes the irreplaceability of singular being, whereas for Corrie, the unequally precarious existence of different singular beings poses an urgent question, demanding her attention permanently, and tethering her to Rafah.
Once it is established that I cannot die for another (in his place) although I can die for him (by sacrificing myself for him or dying before his eyes), my own death becomes this irreplaceability that I must assume if I wish to arrive at what is absolutely mine.
When SOEs have specific human assets for which the cost of transferability is deemed high, either for reasons of irreplaceability or otherwise, unions may oppose sale or liquidation (i.
Once the call is heard the subject is persecuted by her irreplaceability.
Many emphasized the irreplaceability of experienced workers in that such people have the best grasp of processes and may have established relationships with customers that go back decades.
A multicriteria assessment of the irreplaceability and vulnerability of sites in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.
In the inset narrative, the poet's old friend Matthew sees a girl that reminds him of his own daughter, long dead, and in that shock of resemblance, he comes to a new and painful awareness of human irreplaceability, in realizing that he does not long for the girl to be his own child.
Lady Young, speaking in the House of Lords, said, "Its irreplaceability is due to the extent of its tidal range and this proposal would reduce considerably the tidal range of a very large part of the estuary.