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Hoggart emphasizes the way in which theoretical jargon, for example, limits academic writing, observing that while he could "admire and sometimes use a language of theory which captures concepts irreplaceably" he distrusts "the way some people use abstractions as props or crutches, substitutes for thought" (Imagined Life 95).
However, the outstanding ecological value of these forested areas, including the Cumberland Plateau, are irreplaceably harmed and endangered by practices like industrial logging by the paper industry.
But to treat individuals equally is to treat them as all the same, that is, not as individuals, who are irreplaceably unique, but as units, which are interchangeably the same.
When Cole died, I knew that the man whose voice had thrilled millions around the world had been irreplaceably lost.
Therefore, since my death is the only thing that is irreplaceably my own, my death is the only gift I can truly give the other.
Social Democratic Party leader Mizuho Fukushima, while expressing hope that the summit could be a good opportunity to improve strained bilateral ties, urged the Abe administration to ''keep in mind'' that Sino-Japanese ties will be ''irreplaceably damaged'' should the premier visit Yasukuni Shrine.
(39) Rather, the original properties of marriage are woven irreplaceably into marriage.
The transaction provides the investor with the opportunity to invest alongside one of Downtown's most successful developers in an irreplaceably located, core asset, with an in-place roster of credit and credit-quality tenants under long term leases.
In an age of massive impersonal forces, we need an affirmation that we count individually and irreplaceably. If we are to stay the same, we need something that links us to the totality of what is and gives it a human face through institutions on a human scale.
Everyone would prefer to pay a fine and to have their neighbor pay a fine rather than having their or their neighbor's crop fields irreplaceably damaged by livestock.
"Pleasure is a way of being at one with yourself and others." So rather than picket McDonald's' new outpost in the heart of Rome, or drive a tractor through it a la Jose Bove, Petrini organized a group of like-minded activist-cum-sybarites to simply celebrate all those qualities that McDonald's' inexorable drive toward the homogenization of world taste threatens: the staunchly local, the irreplaceably unique, the leisurely and communal.
It was famously The Day The World Changed and the day the New York skyline was irreplaceably altered.