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With two almost-lifetimes behind them, they find themselves back in Texas, their pilgrimage in mission marked by the same irrepressibility that so baffled first-century religious leaders in Jerusalem.
Once he hits the States, the kooky kiwi's irrepressibility works its magic on everyone from the cross-dressing night manager of a Sunset Boulevard motel to a Valley used car salesman, a lonely desert widow and a young soldier just back from a little operation in Vietnam involving something called Agent Orange.
In this process, no poet is so useful as the always impossible Frank O'Hara, and he is a recurring presence whose irrepressibility helps this study hold together several essays written for separate occasions.
1) The novel addresses the clash of individual desire with the requirements of collective order, highlighting the irrepressibility of the former and the failure of authoritarian solutions to provide the latter.
On the allegorical level, Alcina's immortality represents the irrepressibility of desire and attests to the invincibly seductive power of a beautiful desired object.
The Easter celebrations are a testament not only to the irrepressibility of faith but to the steadfastness of all those grandmothers, who kept on praying and seeing that the babies were secretly baptized.
This kind of native American voice, happy in what it knows, is something new in Wharton, as is the irrepressibility of Mrs Spragg's father.
We're made well aware of their (somewhat grating) youth and irrepressibility, captured en route and on the slopes by videocam -- so it's almost a relief, as well as a rather too calculated "shock," when fate abruptly silences the lot.
Exposing the irrepressibility of Douglas's anti-Semitic ideology was relatively easy for the press.
I knew from the start that Orientalist depictions of Arab women were fictions, out of accord with any reasonable understanding of human nature, its complexity, quirkiness, irrepressibility.
The insight of the first entry juxtaposed against the irrepressibility of the second is Dawn Powell at her most characteristic - vital, gallant, urban - and that characteristic self is more consistently there in the diaries than in the novels.