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Exposing the irrepressibility of Douglas's anti-Semitic ideology was relatively easy for the press.
The irrepressibility of black blood thus also served as a warning to blacks and to any individuals knowingly contemplating an interracial union.
We all take the mickey out of Fitzgerald's ability in the tongue-wagging department, but his is a loquacity born of brimming enthusiasm and quenchless irrepressibility, and if he is still boring the lads rigid in the saloon bar at Christmas then nobody will begrudge him the telling of the tale.
It all contributes to a kind of irrepressibility that had turned Henman into a shambling ruin by the third set.
She remains, as ever, an indomitable example of the irrepressibility of the human spir it.
Here was an affirmation of human irrepressibility, a man grabbing hold of the thread again in the very race named after his friend who would have appreciated and revelled in the moment as much as anybody.
The refusal of these chilling references to lynch violence to be completely subordinated to Toomer's mythifying imagination shows the irrepressibility of history.