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Like Sauer, the blog is candid, funny and irrepressibly enthusiastic about the Conservatory, from its "fabulous teachers" and individualized approach to an "incredibly supportive community.
Instead, the irrepressibly hopeful heroine is a "taxi dancer" at a New York dance hall whose track record with men is frankly abysmal.
Ever cheerful and irrepressibly positive, he shone as an example to the more junior Riflemen on how to act and what to aim for.
McKern's jowls, bulbous nose and erratic eyebrows were made to fit the eccentric, irrepressibly snide barrister who was as loveable as a grumpy old panda.
Many of the men in this collection desire or fantasize about marrying the irrepressibly spunky Anne Blythe, or are in denial about their very desire, as with Allardyce of "Fancy's Fool" who "said red-haired women were his abomination.
True, uplifting may not have been quite the tone they were after, but Dooley--a wide-eyed Lutonian of 22 with a voice like a big sparkly power drill--was so irrepressibly perky it felt more like an episode of Hannah Montana (albeit one where Hannah's mates get ruthlessly worked to the bone in a field).
When you see them acting irrepressibly joyous, you're getting a glimpse of their uninhibited workings.
We are talking about an element who see something irrepressibly humorous in the run of events that began with George W.
Unlike much dance that tries too hard to be funny, Parker's droll wit seems to bubble up naturally, irrepressibly, through dances bursting with clever concepts and careful craft.
She spends 15 minutes pacing the gallery's ground floor, wondering if Soheil Hanna, XXe Siecle's irrepressibly charming director, was disappointed in the piece.
MY DAUGHTER already a somewhat smug--but adoringly so--Yankee fan at the tender age of four (she's now 11), is fond of putting the same question to me every summer: "Daddy," she asks, her face plastered with that irrepressibly knowing grin, "are the Giants ever going to win the World Series in your lifetime?
Perhaps someone will recognize that giving up on this irrepressibly L.