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He is irrepressibly redundant, repeating information as though writing for readers with ADD.
The unwanted attentions of a small girl are an acute embarrassment for a lad in Jennifer Jones Won't Leave Me Alone (03) with Frieda Wishinsky's jovial rhyming text matched well by exuberantly oddball pictures from Neal Layton to make an irrepressibly gleeful book: Picture Corgi, 5.
The video shows a solitary, yet irrepressibly enthusiastic Jacobson in a studio teaching choreography to his song "Planet Rock.
Catch" shares the same time period as "Hairspray" as well, but the high quotient of irrepressibly sly fun is missing.
Tracy Kraus (flute), Krista Buckland Reisner (violin) and Mark Berger (viola) wonderfully executed Beethoven's irrepressibly sunny "Serenade, Opus 25.
Carey is up for the award for Parrot And Olivier In America, described as an irrepressibly funny portrait of the impossible friendship between master and servant.
Like Sauer, the blog is candid, funny and irrepressibly enthusiastic about the Conservatory, from its "fabulous teachers" and individualized approach to an "incredibly supportive community.
Ever cheerful and irrepressibly positive, he shone as an example to the more junior Riflemen on how to act and what to aim for.
McKern's jowls, bulbous nose and erratic eyebrows were made to fit the eccentric, irrepressibly snide barrister who was as loveable as a grumpy old panda.
When you see them acting irrepressibly joyous, you're getting a glimpse of their uninhibited workings.
In his demeanour he is showing the right signs, irrepressibly fresh and pleased with himself in spite of the amount of work he's had.