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Case law and doctrine adopting a reasonableness standard with regards to the irresistibility of the force majeure event: Consiglio di Stato, sezione IV, 11 April 2014, n 1750; Massimiliano di Piro, Responsabilita civile [Civil Liability] (Naples: Simone, 2007) at 148 (force majeure in general); CA Trieste, 29 April 1957, (1957) Diritto marittimo 200 at 202; CA Messina, 25 January 1980, supra note 71 at 639 (sea perils-force majeure).
The question of irresistibility is also inextricably linked to the relative position of the trans community as a marginalized social group.
It is this element of seduction and irresistibility which zooms out 'the blemished part' of Tess Durbeyfield by pushing it to the background.
23) Kant points out that the perception of an enormous life-crashing power causes the human spirit to reflect on its capacities and thus to elevate above the forces of nature: "Now in just the same way the irresistibility of the might of nature forces upon us the recognition of our physical helplessness as beings of nature, but at the same time reveals a faculty of judging ourselves as independent of nature, and discovers a pre-eminence above nature" (92).
23) In keeping with the irresistibility of promulgating a grand theory, Bury contends that the "idea of human Progress then is a theory which involves a synthesis of the past and a prophecy of the future.
There's a midrash about Pharaoh's decree that Hebrew boy babies be thrown into the Nile: Men stopped sleeping with their wives so as not to risk procreation, but Rashi says the women melted their jewelry into mirrors so they could beautify themselves into irresistibility, thus insuring the survival of the Jewish people.
The emphatic reassertion of self in Beethoven's recapitulation is important in the developing variation theory (the subject demonstrates its power to return to itself), confirming the irresistibility of the subject's determination to return to itself.
The Hikayat Banjar, a seventeenth-century native court chronicle from Southeast Borneo, characterizes the irresistibility, of natural resource wealth to outsiders as "the banana tree at the gate.
And their mutual irresistibility led, as it will, to a secluded spot in the woods where they explored, at leisure, what their bodies, so dark, so light, had in common: need, more than form or function.
For a conservative proponent of limited power like Edmund Burke, this view illustrated the simultaneous irresistibility and danger of the sublime as a mode of unconstrained power.
Salt House's version is far posher than that, the churros here come with their own little dish of molten chocolate for dipping, but the principle and irresistibility remain the same.
Framing the Poor: The Irresistibility of How the Other Half Lives.