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He was conscious of being exhausted, and overcome by an irresistible drowsiness; and, further, of being in his own bedroom.
The irresistible, universal, automatic tendency to find sweet pleasure somewhere, which pervades all life, from the meanest to the highest, had at length mastered Tess.
He is annihilating the crooked streets and building in their stead noble boulevards as straight as an arrow--avenues which a cannon ball could traverse from end to end without meeting an obstruction more irresistible than the flesh and bones of men--boulevards whose stately edifices will never afford refuges and plotting places for starving, discontented revolution breeders.
It was evident that this strange, strong man was under the irresistible influence of the dark, graceful girl who loved another.
She rose quickly and went out of the room, hurrying along the corridor, with the irresistible impulse to go and see her husband and inquire if she could do anything for him.
Mirabel, on his social side, is an irresistible companion.
Now, for the first time, impressed by her irresistible earnestness, he began to consider what he was about from a more serious point of view.
The price of the irresistible gun would have been much greater, your Majesty, but for the fact that its missiles can be so effectively averted by my peculiar method of treating the armour plates with a new- "
Major Fitz-David set matters right in his own irresistible way.
The human is rarely born these days, who, without long training in the social associations of drinking, feels the irresistible chemical propulsion of his system toward alcohol.
What do you do when you meet with an irresistible temptation?
The genuine wonder expressed in the young man's face was irresistible.