irresistible compulsion

See: necessity
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With the occasional succinct commentary giving back ground information to a particular strip, "Wetter, Louder, Stickier" is a "must read" for the legions of Baby Blues fans--but if this is your first introduction, be warned--"Wetter, Louder, Stickier" will lead to an irresistible compulsion to acquire and enjoy all thirty of the previous collections
For dads like my dad, which is to say, bearded, Jewish dads, those mountains seem to have inspired an irresistible compulsion to slap sandals over their socks and set out along dusty sage- and pine-scented trails.
Not in the sense of feeling an irresistible compulsion to run around Goodison Park hurling Everton Mints at anyone in the vicinity.
Kolego said he did not believe Friar's crimes were predatory, but rather that they arose from an irresistible compulsion he acted upon once he had the opportunity.
These poems are rescued from being an overplayed quarterlife crisis by the poet's irresistible compulsion to find a path to engage life despite all the times she's been left floating.
I get an irresistible compulsion to moan, complain and shout at the telly - especially when faced with images of neds, size zero models and anything to do with John Prescott.
In other films such as Doppelganger (2003) and Charisma (1999), Kurosawa addresses in different ways an irresistible compulsion for ordinary people to transform themselves into more violent, ruthless, and determined beings.
The irresistible compulsion of price could begin to move in our favour.
When be hears the first gun fire from across the next ridge, however, he will be consumed by an irresistible compulsion to leave his stand and sneak over to that little clearing just around the corner.
Lall's irresistible compulsion to articulate, and the resulting process of narration, bring some clarity to him, but even more--and differently--to the reader.
Overjoyed, I had an irresistible compulsion to call the Scotland Today news team to announce the thrilling news: Brad is toilet-trained.