irresistible urge

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After having a quick mooch around to see exactly what was on offer (a dance machine a la 2002), nearly addictive slot machines and the irresistible urge to see if my 5ft 1in frame could stoop below the height restriction meter at the entrance to the kids' soft ball play area, we eventually approached the bowling reception.
You may be feeling an almost irresistible urge to hunker down and do nothing.
A desire to work solo has a lot to do with an irresistible urge to avoid large groups.
And it does it so well that it makes me temporarily forget that my personal experience with health insurance over the past 30 years has been sticker shock followed by maddening phone calls conveying conflicting information, nonsensical explanations and an almost irresistible urge to stick a knife in my eye.
A mature whitetail buck really has only one weakness--the irresistible urge to procreate.
It will be my first solo tour and I see it as a chance to meet audiences all over the country and talk about the only consistent thread in my working life - the irresistible urge to do something completely different.
Says Iris: "It was an irresistible urge for a special effect to add a tsunami.
I'd never done covers before," he said, "but for some reason I felt this irresistible urge to record 'Need to Destroy' [one of the songs sung by the sexy werewolf Veruka in a Buffy episode].
23 ( ANI ): Scientists have claimed that the irresistible urge, known as nesting, in pregnant women to clean and organize their house and life is far from irrational, asserting that the need to get orderly actually stems from humans' evolutionary past.
Back on speaking terms with the bank manager and my erstwhile chums at Coral, Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power et al, I struggled to overcome an irresistible urge to lump the lot on Hannon/Hughes in the next, the Veuve Cliquot Vintage Stakes.
A: Restless legs syndrome is a common condition affecting the nervous system, which causes an overwhelming, irresistible urge to move the legs.
Willis-Ekbom disease is a chronic neurologic disorder that causes an irresistible urge to move the legs or other body parts, often accompanied by unusual or unpleasant sensations.