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s-topological group [1,2,3] is a generalization of topological groups as well as irresolute topological groups [4].
Paradoxically this struggle between the possibility of non-self-constancy and self-constancy provides Dasein with the option to fall back into the default mode, the 'they', but attain a selfhood of sorts: a possibility for Dasein to fool itself into a constancy of irresolute falling.
A word of caution is that he looked irresolute in defeat last time, recalling his quirky half-brother Not Before Eight.
However, the burly 53-year-old master of karate and ex-cop wants most of all to avoid the worst at the upcoming elections, which are expected to be postponed from July to April a his party, "Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria" (GERB) is facing electoral defeat because of its austerity course, poor social policy, irresolute fight against corruption and delayed reforms," the German magazine notes.
Within this paper characterizations of topological spaces with the pointwise semi-open intersection property are given and the results are used to further investigate each of semi-strongly continuous and irresolute functions.
Other fare include Alberto Chimal's "Variation on a Theme of Coleridge," an irresolute encounter between a man and himself as he was a year previously; the unforgettable "Wolves" by Jose Luis Zarate, in which a "blizzard of wolves, thousands, millions" inexplicably descend from the mountains and transform forever the inhabitants of a village in their path; and Carmen Rioja's "The Nahual Offering," a veritable maze of overlapping dreams that manipulate time to devastating effect by juxtaposing an ancient ritual against the depredations wrought by urbanization.
Palestinians are similarly irresolute -- one-third (33%) strongly support the peace process, while 30% moderately support it.
We recall that a function between topological spaces is called semi-continuous[14] if the inverse image of each open set is semi-open, and irresolute if the inverse image of semi-open set is semi-open [9].
The reader may walk away with a sense of irresolute applicability of the black swan phenomenon, but the book's philosophical examination of the unknown has considerable value.
The Gulf countries are irresolute in their responses to events in Yemen.
Someone once said that, when writing, it is better to be wrong than irresolute.
In contrast, the EU is once again showing itself to be irresolute and riven by internal divisions on both the Israeli-Palestinian peace process (or lack thereof) and the Arab upheavals.