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Although I would not encourage the generic conservatism within the context of those older debates, from a witnessing standpoint, the preservation of a mode which haunts, mourns irresolutely, or bears the imprint of the traumatic can be valuable for testimony.
Often he stood between them, turning irresolutely from one
Harry backed down the two steps and stood irresolutely, frowning down at his shoes.
The categories 'National Socialist' and 'inner emigration' assume a polarization that implies that writers inside Germany were either Nazis or silent opponents, not accounting for a large number of writers that were irresolutely neither.
A nation that responded enthusiastically but irresolutely to the excellence commission's thoughtful yet modest recommendations in 1983 must now find the resolve to carry out a bottom-to-top reconstruction of its system of schooling.
As historian Alan Beyerchen observes, "But when a pendulum is released over three equidistant and equally powerful magnets, it moves irresolutely to and fro as it darts among the competing points of attraction, sometimes kicking Out high to acquire added momentum that allows it to keep gyrating in a startlingly long and intricate pattern.
If Hartigan's work from the Fifties played variations on her New York School colleagues, the three canvases on view from the first half of the Sixties showed her moving more deeply, though still irresolutely, into abstraction.
Waver can cross-dress -- "to vacillate irresolutely between choices: fluctuate in opinion, allegiance, or direction.
Rather than combining the serious and the comic into a unique new form, they just irresolutely lay the two elements side by side, or overemphasize one at the expense of the other, against the backdrop of culturally rich, culturally hip, psychically neurotic New York, which these films expect to do the real work of 'meaning' for them.
You can plump for one pole or the other, or you can meander irresolutely back and forth between the two; but a meeting of the poles is impossible.
Mawr, The Man Who Died, and Lady Chatterley's Lover--concludes irresolutely, as if impelled by desire toward unreachable solutions, ones impossible of fulfillment or completion this side of death.
It rode there tremulously and irresolutely, like a feather, though it looked as solid as dough.