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Worn out with emotion, irresolution and despondency, I had retired early and fallen into such sleep as was still possible to me.
The hour of my irresolution is past, and the period of your power is arrived.
With the same perversity of feeling and irresolution that had fastened upon him, despite himself, all day, the murderer, finding that he was not followed, and that they most probably considered him some drunken sullen fellow, turned back up the town, and getting out of the glare of the lamps of a stage-coach that was standing in the street, was walking past, when he recognised the mail from London, and saw that it was standing at the little post-office.
Thus pressed by us all, Holmes showed signs of irresolution.
It looked good on paper but quickly got caught in the reefs of irresolution, diverging political interests and priorities and plain old political inertia that has grown as the date of the next election comes ever closer.
However, the Criminal Court's sentencing hearing, chaired by Judge Hani Abdel-Moneim Hajjar, was marred by confusion and irresolution after Yateem's defense lawyer, Antoine Tobeyah, announced his decision to withdraw from the case without prior notice.
I meant to write on Rizal and President Duterte, but taking part in the Defend Democracy Summit at the UP School of Economics on Monday brought me face to face with the human toll of the Duterte administration's irresolution in defending the West Philippine Sea.
In a statement Tuesday, Trump blamed Barack Obama's administration and said, "These heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime are a consequence of the past administration's weakness and irresolution.
The drive to unity as Duxfield describes it encompassed state, personal, and spiritual concerns (5), and is treated skeptically by Marlowe, who consistently produces an air of "moral ambiguity" in his tragedies, often through irresolution (5).
I argue that Coetzee deflates inherited forms of Romantic and modernist epiphany into irresolution and lack of transformation to instead create an anti-epiphany, one that recasts traditional understandings of literary and religious insight in order to explore more tentative and gradual reorientations.
Most problematically, Tom Flanagan flatly blames the Lubicon Cree for the irresolution of their claim.
Uncertainty and irresolution, too, are often underrated for the crucial role they can play in leading us toward the truly unexpected.