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Terrorists and terrorism have no religion and we should all come together irrespective of political ideologies to eradicate it," National Conference leader Devendra Rana told ANI.
They opined that government should endeavour its best to bring about a revolutionary change in the attitude of the people by fully ensuring quick dispensation of justice to all irrespective of colour,creed,religion and caste.
The report said, 'It would be desirable for the bank licensing regime to move to a uniform license across all broad-based banks, irrespective of ownership, subject to inter-jurisdictional reciprocity considerations in respect of foreign banks, and niche licenses for banks with more narrowly defined businesses.
It also passed a slew of directions for proper investigation in the cases and directed the government to bring to book all accused irrespective of their caste, religion and political affiliation.
Feeling safe and supported in your own home is something all are entitled to, irrespective of age.
Kerala chief minister Oommen Chandy told reporters yesterday the government supported the concept of equal fees across the school educational spectrum, irrespective of which community ran it.
MUMBAI -- The Reserve Bank of India has asked banks to put in place a system for providing online alerts for all card transactions irrespective of amount.
Summary: BEIRUT: Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan said Hizbullah rejected the looming indictment to be issued by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) irrespective of its content and evidence.
Compared with non-coated eggs, all chitosan-coated eggs, irrespective of their storage positions, had significantly less weight loss, higher Haugh units, which are units that indicate egg freshness, and a higher yolk index throughout the storage period.
The point I would make is this: Irrespective of what the road tax is, irrespective of how much petrol is, it will not in any way influence the buying power of the hugely wealthy.
Work and Pensions Secretary John Hutton said: "We're committed to ensuring that everyone with mesothelioma can receive compensation, irrespective of their employment history.
What this standard will do is act like a portal for incoming data irrespective of what the device is and translates it into one common language for the output.