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The most significant point is that MSM are the main source of recycling STDs including syphilis in the adult population, irrespectively of HIV status.
The very high scores in the sample-S+/N, N test trials for all matching conditions could be accounted for by the fact that these test trials allowed participants to select the correct stimulus on the basis of which comparison selection was reinforced in the establishment of the baseline, irrespectively of the sample stimulus.
When nature roars, humans are starkly reminded of how exposed and vulnerable they can be, regardless of their technological advances and irrespectively of their skin colour or personal beliefs.
This makes it possible to obtain a high purity level in sorted materials irrespectively of size, moisture or contamination.
I will describe three of these reactions and argue that the best way of accounting for them is that the term still retains a derogatory force, irrespectively of the speaker's intentions.
2], leads to reject the error parameter invariance assumption of the BLIM even when it is respected by the data, irrespectively of the values of the proportions [p.
They refer to all business entities irrespectively of the sector, their size, the area where they carry out their business, and irrespectively of their structure and ownership.
all objects dropped simultaneously from the same height touch the ground simultaneously, irrespectively of their mass) is a good description of the behavior of free falling objects in most everyday life events, where the height of release barely exceeds one meter or two (3).
Navy's combat training practice shows that these naval simulators help increase tactical training intensity by 20-25 percent, irrespectively of weather conditions, time of the year and other factors.
Besides, we registered a series of events in which the hunter aborted his hunting activity soon after moonrise, irrespectively of the lunar phase.
where, irrespectively from your current location on the planet, at least 20 intelligence agencies are notifying the incoming call before your phone even rings up, how is it possible to lose jumbo-jet for good?