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2002), we verified that SRCS was similar to SRS30 in all groups, irrespectively of gender and aerobic capacity level.
As shown by Smoluchowski (1903), irrespectively of the system geometry, following the above described scheme one obtains the Smoluchowski expression electroosmotic velocity, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], in the following form
He said you will never deprived from your right until you united irrespectively to your cast, political affiliations.
It can be observed that the residual strain tends to an asymptotic value, which irrespectively of the material, can be thought to be reached after a recovery time of 1 day (1440 min).
The main difference between the two generations irrespectively of the region is in the earlier sexual debut and the postponing of all other events of the younger population, especially setting up a partnership union and an independent life away form parents, which is most evident in the young urban generation.
Following the guidelines of our Consortium, HB(O)C families with a minimum of 3 breast and/or ovarian cancer cases diagnosed in 2 generations of 1 parental branch are eligible for genetic testing, irrespectively of the age at diagnosis or the presence of additional features of hereditary cancer.
And we shall meet all our obligations for Ukrainian citizens irrespectively of where they live in Donetsk, Luhansk, Lviv or Ternopil.
Irrespectively of the welding temperature, polypropylene crystalline fractions were distinctly lower than the one displayed by the parent material (Table 1).
We propose to generate RHO DNA binding silencers (AlleleChoker), which inactivate RHO either by transcriptional repression or targeted genome modification, irrespectively to wild-type or mutated alleles (mutational-independent approach), and combine RHO endogenous silencing to RHO replacement (silencing-replacement strategy).
A higher loading resulted in an increased rib distance irrespectively of the amount of solvent used for dilution.
Previous studies on uniaxiallly drawn PET [9, 10] have shown that the elastic tensile modulus can be increased with the drawing stress, irrespectively of the drawing procedure applied.